AFrica in me

FB_IMG_1423476489296I am an African and so proud of it. I love being an African from moon to back.I love my culture and heritage. I love all about being an African.Yes hate it or love it cant choose to be anything else apart from being African.

Things to point out include:-

1.Africa the continent that has the largest reserves of precious metal with over 40%of the gold reserves,over 60%of the cobalt and 90% of the platinum reserves.

2.Megafauna like giraffe,zebra,gorilla,hippopotamus, chimpanzees and wildebeest are unique to thecontinent and only found there.

3.Lake Malawi has more fish species than any other

freshwater system on earth

4.Africa is the home to the world’s largest living land animal.the African elephant which can weigh up to 7 tons.

5.Africa’s Sahara is the world’s largest desert.

6.Africa culture:It is incredibly interesting because it’s so diverse. Every country has a mix of tribes each with their own unique language and culture.

Having talked afew. Some stuff really bothers me. Why is it Africa is the most poorest continent? Well well. We are our own great enemies if one agree’s with me. First and foremost the leaders we bring in self centred,corrupt human being who are to no good about developments.

Here are my views to the things that has contributed to poverty in African  :

1.Poor management. Yes these so called leaders  what they know better is misuse of resources and wastage of money.

2.Corruption:The biggest killer of Africa.This is self explanatory, we all know what the word “Corruption”means.

3.Trade laws:The famous sir Walter Raleigh once said whatsoever commands the trade of the world, commands riches of the world and hence the world itself. Well. World Trade Organisation (WTO) commands world trade and proves this to be true.The WTO is controlled by the US and Europe, and quite shamelessly looks out for the welfare of richer nation first.They have more power in trading rules than individual government and thus leaving Africa doomed.

4.Political instability.examples. ethnic tension and tribalism.

Not only the following i have mentioned we have quite huge factors these are just the main one’s. My biggest worry is who will save Africa?.

With all the  love i have for Africa mine is just prayers. Since it seems Africa is Everyone for himself God for us all.

Love youMaMa Africa!


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