Characteristics of Frenemies

I love to talk about true based stories, or something relatively to that.So why about Frenemies today?We all have them,seen them and  if you ain’t so blessed to have some or had some around you.Then count yourself Lucky.

So who is a Frenemie? That friend who sweet talk you when the two of you are together but the moment you are gone she stabs you at the back.There is nothing good will come out of her mouth. She knows better about your weakness, the bad side of you which she may know about, she’l gossip to everyone and make you look bad to your friends.

Frenemies always feel threatened,nowander they’l have something to gist about. They got fake smile. If one is keen to observe you can tell if the kind of friends you hang out with have these chacteristics.A FAKE smile is more dangerous than a poison in a bottle supposedly meant to kill.

Why am I saying this.Reason being that Fake smiles kills and destroy slowly whereas a poison in a bottle immediately after you’ve taken it destroys  you on the spot.

A Frenemie will always feel superior, she’s a “wanna be”.Yes that lady who always wishes about everything. “I wish I was her,that and this”.These are the kind of people will never have a Plan. What they sing about is Ideas.”I hate Ideas “. Give us a plan not ideas!.

The “Frenemie ” will always  be critical :In my point of view they don’t really reason how to critise and on what grounds it should be done.Well everyone has his or her point of view but some reasoning is needed here. Finding faults is all they are good at. I hate judgemental people! 

They are Sympathetic! Yes they know how to fake it. Am a strong believer a great friend will be there for you to encourage  and support you. Well that’s the human virtue But in this kind of sympathy  you’l be able to tell it’s a fake one. But this is one of the hardest thing to tell when one is showing “that Fake sympathy “.But they are good at that and this is where some people can never recognise them.I’ll leave it to you to work out how you can tell that fake sympathy exist.

Jealous: Yes yes yes this don’t need to be explained. But if you suffer this kind of disease when seeing your friends prosper. You better sick medical advise or else these jealous thing will kill you since there will always be someone better than you. We can’t all be equal anyway. Life gives us all different question paper and the reason why people fail in life,they try to copy their friends not  having in mind we all tackling different Questions. Frenemies will always be” why not me.

Drama Queen :- These are the most annoying human beings ever.Anything they’l turn it to be sort of a drama, the kind who want to be treated softly even when they don’t deserve it. If not then they start acting around as if you got no more problems to handle.

So i’l leave it to you to know when you come across the Frenemies. Wake up smell the coffee if you got some surrounding you.


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