womans hands with paper womenBeing a Woman is the best feeling ever,I would never choose anything else rather than being the Woman I am.Women are the light of the world, yes I might sound silly but that’s my view. Reasons being that She is talented and entitled in  many responsibility which am quiet sure Men would freak out to handle all the stuff a woman engage herself to.

Nobody should get twisted and think am trying to undermine our great Men.Them too have their unique duties which I respect as a woman but in some ways  there are things  that make me feel that Women are not appreciated in the right way.Women have quiet huge task to handle and whatever duty  women undertake should be respected.Period!!.There is the issue of” Feminism”which not all men goes well along with, some of them  do feel intimadated reasons well known to themselves.

But really would you give me a good reason why a woman should not be equal to a man?If that great superwoman has all the qualities , Why not let her be? Why should a man feel that Women suits better as being housewives! Nothing more except her n the kids she beared you, that’s where her life should evolve. I know there are great and learned men out there, who value women and  are proud of them.But still we have a bunch of dictator’s who think that Women are there to make them less,especiallythe working class, Entrepreneur’s type and all the women whom have made it to succeed.

Aren’t we supposed to embrace and support them?  It’s really saddening and painful to see people talk ill about a woman who has tried to achieve and accomplish alot In her life.Women need to be appreciated, Loved and given their due respect because yes, they have worked and earned for it.It’s as simple as that!. If a man feels intimidated then i bet it’s his part to pull up his socks or else walk with the flow.

Every woman out there is special in her ways, let no one try and pull you down or underestimate you in whatever manner. You are a Superwoman. There will be no other you, so live your life to the fullest and  be proud of being a woman.Reach out your goals, the sky is the limit!.


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