We all want a certain degree of life. Sometimes people are tempted to copy other people’s way of living or rather their lifestyle.’s not bad to wish a good life but the greatest question is, What are you doing to have that kind of a lifestyle your friend has?

What plans do you have? first and foremost learn to live your life. Stop copying whatever your friend does,wears, eats, drives, where they go for their vacation etc the list is endless, you know better.

Learn to live your own life and by doing so you’ll be the most richest person on earth. Why? Since you are being true to yourself. You are being original.Do away with the fake you!.Trying to put up with other people’s lifestyle does hurt and destroys your inner soul,since no matter how hard you try, they will beat you up.

Stop that bullshit of My friends has this and that. Well it’s not bad to admire a good and posh life. But anything you can’t put up with , or something you can do without  or a lifestyle you can’t afford .Don’t do it. Please Do you!. Be real with yourself.

People tend to copy others and end up messing their lives and having themselves to blame.Then the next question that rises within them is.” Where did i go wrong? “.Trying to justify to the rest of the world how unfair life is, Life is fair and real. You should have yourself to blame. You acted unreal and unfair to yourself. Be real!  Do away with stuff that ain’t adding value to your life or else soon you’l have yourself to blame.Life has no rehearsal the stupid mistakes you’l do  now and you ain’t willing  to correct them soon. You will pay for it the hard way.

It’s up to you to decide how you want to live your life. Your life Your choice!


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