Africa in me .part 2

FB_IMG_1423476489296Well having talked about Africa in my earlier post of Africa in me. I have few things to note that makes me proud of Africa continent as whole despite all the bullying i hear with people whom have never landed in Africa. But anyway you can’t blame them. Probably it’s what they have seen or heard in TV channels. Where most of the TV channels brings just the bad side of Africa.Aah!. Although that shouldn’t be an excuse since now we have the power of Internet you can research anything you need to know.So i would call it  Ignorance!

First and foremost let’s have a look on the following :

1.Traditional Culture of Africa.  This includes the Kalahari son of bushmen of South Africa and the well known Maasai of East Africa. Maasai they are warriors and pastrolists. They are self sufficient and proud of their culture which they have tried to maintain till todate. They got thousands of cattle herds. One might wonder how they maintain the large number of cattles.They got their grazing lands whereby they take them so as to feed. So it’s not a hard task to them. According to the traditionist Maasai ‘s, their riches were counted in terms of the large number of cattles one had.Long ago the Maasai dint have issues with money as long as they had large numbers of cattle, they were so comfortable with that and Infact proud.

Although most of their grazing land are parcelled off and much of it is now protected as National Park Land.The most interesting thing about them it’s they really value their culture more than anything else in the world.Maasai had several wives, as long as the man was capable of maintaining their families they had a go ahead for about 2 wives or so. I adore the Maasai alot, their culture and their way of living.

2.African Language. The language is diverse in number of thousands And we can number that in the count of their various dialect.

3.African Music.Africa has got lots of traditional music which were  sung during their celebrations,wedding, circumcision etc.Most of African music was also a way of giving word of advice too.They made sure the they included some huge words of wisdom and in that way they passed the message to their next generation. The African music has its Rhyme and beats.

4.African flip-flops into art.They are washed, sorted,glued into blocks and then carved into most wonderful sculptures. toys,beads.,photoframes ,coasters. Etc.

Africa is a rich continent regardless of the Economy struggles which I believe can be dealt with if only we fight corrupt leaders.


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