Valentine is here!!

FB_IMG_1423835096881Valentines day is when people shows their love to their loved ones and  to the new one’s in the wonderland of love it’s the most memorable moments of their lives .Everyone is expected to show some appreciation to their partners. One might wonder what the hell was going on to the Luo man whom it’s said he booked a room at Villa Rosa hotel in Nairobi for kshs 2.4 million (24, 000 eurs).

Oooh gracious lord!.  Most of us are just in deep thoughts what they would do with such amount. Ofcourse not to book a presidential suite for your patner! But we’ll people are different so i don’t see why people get surprised and start giving opinions as if the man himself requested for an Advice.Happy valentine’s to him and her love!!.

During valentines it brings back memories how we celebrated this special day in school. Almost everyone had a boyfriend  and this was the day even to those whom din’t have anyone to lean their shoulders to,had a chance to buy themselves red roses,valentine cards, chocolates etc and pretended that they were given as presents. Omg, no one wanted to feel left out.But if I look back i see a logic in that. Why not treat yourself nicely if you have no one  to do so.Probably to the few who din’t have a boyfriend or a girlfriend felt left out but all in all that was a great way to show that one really adores him or herself.But back then it sounded stupid to buy yourself a  rose flower especially during valentines, come on that was lovers day and one should atleast have someone .

Myself I don’t really celebrate Valentine nor do I wear a red dress the least I would do its to have a red lipstick which is obvious just like the other normal days. I rather take that day to treat myself good not because am selfish, but when I remember the good old days in high school about the girls whom bought themselves the roses etc since they din’t have anyone to give them the presents. It comes to my mind that not only should valentine be like, no my patner should treat me well. Nope! I should  treat myself too. Why should I not?. But again the valentine comes  a few days before  my daughter’s birthday, so the money i already saved goes to buying my daughter a present and that’s how I celebrate my valentine.

She is my best valentine ever!. The most precious gift one could have. I believe one can show love and appreciation any time, any day but again to all those people out there celebrating Valentines.Happy valentines to you and your loved ones.

Happy valentines!


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