We all have fresh and great memories of our childhood. If I could turn back the times definitely it would be the childhood moments.Back then we dint have PlayStation, tablets etc and we enjoyed to the fullest Infact what I came across was brick game but not everyone was fortunate to have it. So kids would play in turns, others begging to have a touch if not playing.

There were balls made of polythene bags no one cared about new balls as long as we had plastic bags with us. Then we made new balls to ourselves without costing us much and we could play all day long.Life was so sweet. We had children gathering in churches, school whereby were inform of children festivals which brought children from all corners of towns, villages etc. That was another great moments where unfortunate kids could afford themselves a bottle of Fanta or sprite and juices. The smile on their faces could tell it all.

During the music festivals was another great day for hawkers whom had their small business like selling iced juices which we loved to death, biscuits, sausages (which was abit expensive, owe unto you if you did not have some shillings that could afford a sausage) Sweets and many more.Atleast there was no way one could have left home without some pocket money. Who could afford to see other buys stuff without having a single penny to buy him/herself? Then I guess one could have cried all day long.But God bless the parents because without even asking for some coins. That was already in their budget

When i compare with the kids of today I see a great difference and surely that’s,when we say. We’ve come from far away that includes the lifestyle and so on.How i wish I had my kids those days. Our time we dint  have access to phones,Internet etc but now only God will save the kids.Infact i had my own phone after I turned 18 years although my parents had their mobile phones but no one had access to it probably if it rang and my mother or father was not allowed to call and that does not say you should answer it, one had to go looking for them while its still ringing. Talk of discipline which was the order of the day if you couldn’t put up with the rules then you should move out.Rules had to be followed it’s as simple as that.

Discipline dint  mean time out, like we are doing with the nowadays kids, hell no, it was a beating you will leave to remember for the rest of your life.But in some way I believe that really worked since we all know there are kids whom are just a headache but that was not the case in Africa. There is a saying that says “The tree should be tamed while it’s still tiny “Otherwise if not that particular time then it will be hard to fix it later and am a strong believer of that saying.Am very quiet sure there are Africans parents whom would come over abroad and have a shock of their lifetime seeing kids exchanging  rude words with their elders. But i don’t blame the kid, the blame goes to the parents since it shows you have failed your responsibility. Discipline and respect to people will never be bought in Markets. It’s you as a parent to nurture it.

It really surprises to hear that some parents complains of how their children went to school with no done homework. God grief! back in Africa  during our time that would have been a beating that might leave you limping with your leg, Infact in school too the teachers would also punish you for that.But how is it a child would go to school with undone homework? That shows how the parent irresponsible she must be, atleast before kids goes to sleep as a parent you should sign and check their work but lord have mercy to such parents or like i usually says. Some parents need Jesus.

How the child behaves will always portray how he or she is brought up so it’s high time you know how you want to bring up your children. Discipline +Respect+Hardworking =Success

I will always miss my childhood, no regrets about it at all. Bring up your children in a way  they’l live to talk about.


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