Getting lid of Garbage.

One might wonder why I choose the above headline but as much as I think of today’s happening i couldn’t help myself rather than come up with the “getting lid of garbage”.

Probably am not the only one who feels that if someone don’t add up to your life, then you should show them the way out and give attention to the people who matters as much as your life is concerned. My question today. Why do people seem to care about what you say, do or post on social media? Does that mean people are that idle? Since they just pop out of nowhere and start commenting to things that they have no great idea to why you posted.Some goes to an extend of taking it personal and drive their anger to their walls with the same topic. Jeez, some women need Jesus!

When will people learn to mind their business?  I guess learning is the last thing for them. But i don’t really blame them nor do I have time to exchange words with such low minded human beings. The best weapon It’s to get away with the garbage. As much as you want to maintain peace, there are illiterate people out there whom will want to push you to the edge. I guess catching up a fight with such people will make both of you seem like idiots.Since you don’t want to be associated with a  group of stupid beings just get away with that garbage! I have no other word to use, it might sound cruel but forget about them and just stay miles away from them.

Such people are the garbage am talking about. Once you get lid of them you will be at peace. I don’t really get it why someone’s opinion should affect me, everyone is entitled to speak up their mind’s and if you don’t feel okey with that, then I suggest you stay away from them with that doing you ain’t gonna hear,read or listen to what they have to say.

There are so many idlers on social media and i wonder if there are no duties in their entire life to deal with, rather than jumping into people’s pages and wanting to administrate or rather showing how better off they know. Cmon take the crap elsewhere!.

My story begins here, in the afternoon hours was relaxing as my kids were sleeping, so just like usual i decided to Facebook abit, came across an English test which I decided to take the test, then had to share on Facebook. That dint mean I shared to challenge anyone!  Nor did I mean that I was clever than the rest. There was no where I indicated that people should test themselves to see how genius they were.Fine i was glad I attained A+ and so what?  Was that supposed to mean one should catch a “feeling”and make stupid headlines on their wall?

Well I don’t want to mention her name in my blog but she is just some woman  whom i thought was  a literate and shouldn’t waste time on stupid stuff that don’t add up at all.Here was how she tried to put it.

People should not feel proud “my English is better than yours”. Really and who said I was proud? Secondly people should be proud of whom they are. Really!! Who said I was not proud of whom I am?Thirdly that people don’t even know Swahili and their mothertongue is worse. Now, This is where I should laugh out loudly (lol) Eish! How the hell did she know about my Swahili and  my mothertongue?.Goodness!! There are people who need  a mental check up!.

Why should you get bitter about another person’s post? I decided am not the type to pick up a stupid argument, not with a fool! At the end of the day others may not differentiate the fool here. Like usual i have my way if someone is annoying ,  i know where is  the button to unfriend or block . I get lid of that garbage and move on.

Sometimes I do see a hitted debate on Facebook and really wonder. Why waste your energy on issues that don’t add up anything in your life?. Just get lid of that garbage. It’s so simple but people want to make it complicated.

It’s new year with new resolution. It doesn’t matter how little the garbage is,  just get lid over it, don’t let it compile! Let it go and move on.Anyone who don’t add up in your life. It’s time to let go don’t pick up silly fights. Get lid of that garbage and you’l be on the safe side.

I don’t take it personal, don’t get it twisted!


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