We just celebrated the International Women’s Day and i felt that i should be thankful to God for giving me a chance to be a Woman. What else could one ask for? All in all Women are said to be weaker vessels but in my opinion i think we are strong and we overcome whatever that comes on our way.I believe to be born a Woman it’s such a blessing we should always be thankful about.

But there are one or two things would love to point out. If one needs to be a “god Woman” and successful in life there’s one major thing be it you are religious or not, Every woman should have a moment of Thanking the Almighty God for the life,career, good health, stable family etc.Being a thankful woman shows that you appreciate your blessings, be it in hard times and that’s,the key to Success. If you are always complaining how things ain’t working your way, you better stop and start seeing things in a different way and by so doing more greater things will come your way without even realising.

The problem most of us Women have its to lack patience, complains about everything. That should stop! For you to achieve your goals. Show thankfulness to him and he will fulfill your wishes.

Secondly it’s also a virtue to show thankfulness to people too,There are People whom saying a word of thankyou it’s like cutting them with a blunt object.Come one does it not feel good to be thankful to others? Would you not like it when someone is thankful to you?Let’s learn to show appreciation and good deeds will follow us.

Every woman should know that for you to be Successful  you need to put God first ain’t a preacher but that’s the truth of the matter. This doesn’t mean to nag him and complain about all the things that ain’t going your way. Nope! Try and start seeing things differently, start seeing all the good things that has happened into your life and give thanks always. Alot of Women in the entire world have got bigger problems probably than you got,others it’s about the health and you are there with no pains but you don’t count that as one of the very first thing to be thankful about.Let’s start seeing life differently, since most of us concentrate more with the problems they are encountering and forget about the stuff they are blessed with which in most cases weigh’s more.There are so many things to be Thankful about and by so doing you’ll get to see things coming your way.

Remember the Successful Women have time set for their God and them.Have sometime to talk with your God and give Thanks Always. It’s by so doing you will start to see how blessed you are. Stay blessed, Give thanks and God will his part.




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