My Journey to Fitness

I have begun my journey to fitness and when I talk of fitness i don’t mean diet which most people mistake with clean eating.Diet is not sustainable and has a deadline but clean eating is something one can afford always and there’s no deadline. Clean eating involve balanced nutrition and cutting back of sugar,chocolates, high intake of wheat etc.There’s nothing great than learning to take care of your body.Although nothing comes easy, it needs hardworking and Ofcourse exercises.

Water is another thing people seem not to be serious about.Everyone should know that water is life and one should drink alot of water. Atleast am glad that nowadays i have learnt to drink about 3 litres of water daily and that has helped with my glowing face and digestion. I don’t mean one should drink large amount at a go. No!  Rem water should be taken with care too, much of it can cause toxification. But it’s logic, if one is exercising need to stay hydrated.Am making sure every 20 minutes am taking a sip of water since i have known you just don’t drink when feeling thirsty. When one goes thirsty it’s a clear show that one is already dehydrated, so i would advise always have your bottle of water next to you and take the sip in every 20 minutes.

Being a mother it’s not easy especially if one has more than two kids. One needs to relax. But what should one do to stay relaxed? Workout, there are so many home workouts to do not necessarily going to gym and day by day you’ll see a difference. Working out helps the mind to relax and so is the body.

We can’t all be size 8 but we can keep fit and healthy by burning calories daily. But for one to get good results one has to manage food portions. It’s advisable to eat 5 to 6 meals a day in small portions. Never wait till you are starving, it’s when you want to prepare something to eat. No!. I have learnt having a meal prepared a day before works miracle that is if you are serious with your fitness journey and always it’s should be well balanced diet. Hoping that i’l achieve my goals since i have cut down wheat,sugar and am on water challenge which I find it fun. Working out helps you stay sober. Am loving every bit of it, knowing am doing it for my own good.

Keeping fit will always make you stay away from some diseases. Eat healthy,workout and you ‘l get great results. Do it for your own good.


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