Poor Hospital Management.

A few weeks ago I started having some pain on my knees,but the African in me couldn’t hurry up to see an orthopedic i just assumed it was the normal pain I had after my exercises and jogging which I do every evening. Since i made a promise to myself that I am into my journey fitness.Yes! How I love to keep fit and shade away the baby fat. The pain in my knees it’s not something I have had just once, actually I did experience it sometime ago but I was lucky enough it dint deteriorate.

The kind of pain I experienced a week ago had to let me put aside my exercises. Leaving me unable to walk and that’s when I came into terms that i need to see an orthopedic. So, Guess what!  Accidents will get you just when you ain’t ready, nor seeing it coming. Oooh my! My  health insurance wasn’t renewed since i was waiting for the renewal of my residence card which was to be ready in two weeks time. Do I have to wait till my health  insurance was ready?  Hell No! My hubby went at the nearby clinic to confirm when the doctor will be available, so he would write to  me a letter to take it with me at the big hospital and have me checked by an orthopedic. Oooh well! What a bogus management!  I thought if one is in pain should go direct at the hospital and get checked but, goodness!  I was wrong.

At the clinic he gets one horrible nurse whom seemed to be too tired, probably she was in from night shift and one should not bother her anyway!  I thought nurses should have sense of humour!  They should do their work regardless they are tired from a sleepless night.Anyway aren’t you getting a pay cheque?  It’s not a voluntarily organisation.You are a nurse and  you should treat people with respect! So my husband having told her my case and having insisted i’l pay since my insurance is not active at the moment, she jumped into conclusion that It was going to be hard for me since am a foreigner! Really?  Was i not going to pay?  What has to do with seeing a doctor and being a foreigner? Was she from the immigration department to give conclusions?  I bet it’s being illiterate!  But I thought she underwent to school.So nurses  have come to a point in choosing when a patient should be attended?

Although most of  the people complain about the hospital and clinic management here in poland and so do they complain about them nurses. The government should wake up and come up with a sensible management. People don’t have to wait till they are recommended at the clinic to have a go ahead to see a doctor at the hospital. That’s total crap! For heavens sake, we are in europe not in Asia!  These old nurses whom seem to be too tired to work should be fired and let the willing nurses with full potential to attend to patient’s take up the job.

Anyway i couldn’t stand the crap of i should wait till the next day to see the doctor, for that matter at the clinic!  Just to get a recomedation to the hospital?  Hell No, I went to see a private Orthopedic and whom i was satisfied with his services, Yes! I know it’s private, and so they’l treat patient’s with sense of humour but wait!  Does that mean since patient whom can’t afford to visit at the private hospitals should be forgotten?  Haven’t they acquired insuarance that cover them? This is yet to sink in my mind the ugly treatment patients get from the lazy nurses. I might sound rude and heartless but I have no other word for them. They are lazy to move their ass and do their duties!

The idea of getting a recomedation from a clinic doctor is just a sick one! At the  hospital out-patient should be entitled to see a specified doctor whenever needed to. The system about hospitals in poland is sickening!.Improvement is needed ASAP.Let the clinic nurses who ain’t willing to attend to patients with respect be shown the way out!  They ain’t favouring anyone!  That’s their duty and they get paid for that. Patients too are insured, they ain’t being attended free! MY two cents.


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