Day 2.Writing 101.A room with a view.

Looking back at the time that has passed being away for about 7 years now from home. Am in a point of wanting so badly to go back in my motherland Kenya. There’s no one I miss like my mother, my late grandmother and all  my  entire family. Right away if I was to make a wish, it would just be one. “Take me to my native land Kenya.” Africa is such a beautiful continent with so much green and a lot of fun.

There would be only one place I would want to spend my days of meditation, which is at my late grandparents home. It’s the place I was actually brought up in, we lived next to their house which was more fun although at times we passed through alot of family conflicts with my dad’s sisters, that dint make  me hate the place. Infact the few times i went on holidays that was my first junction since my parents moved to a different city. Although the saddest part was that i had gone to bury my late grandmother. But still being in that room it  brought back fond memories that i will live to cherish.

It would be the only place I would feel in contact with my grandparents . There’s nothing sweet like the memories of childhood and having great grandparents, Which i know 90%of people in the world would give anything to have them back!.

The kind of relationship i had with them was one of a kind, probably  would  it be because I was named after my granny? As much as I can remember even if I wronged, my grand Ma always took my side, something that made me love her unconditionally. I cherish the moments when she would call me at her kitchen and give me the funny old tales and Ofcourse ending with a word of advice. But all in all i have no sorrow since my beloved mum too i have cherished the best moments with her. She was always there for me when I needed her  the most and having been blessed she is safe and kicking. I know she would give me a hand to go and spend some few days or rather weeks at my late grandparents house. That would be the only room with a view to me since that’s where I was blended and that’s the only place I would revive their spirit again although I believe they are watching over me.

The other reason would be their environment was so calm and there was a big ovacado tree that we climbed when we wanted to see the view of the city centre. Goodness!What a great memories it would bring  up as soon as I would land there? The tree was a big one and having my granny’s home being almost near top of a hill that made us view the shopping centre clearly. Although we only did it when no one was around since nobody was allowed to climb the trees. Ooh dear so far so good i have no other room with a view.From moon to back it’s only back in my Motherland in Kenya and especially at my late grandparents home. May their soul r.I.p


3 thoughts on “Day 2.Writing 101.A room with a view.

  1. Where in Kenya? Some of my family is going to Nairobi this summer. I spent a week there in 1984 as I was traveling back from a year in Zimbabwe. Beautiful country, beautiful people!


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