Day one writing 101.Unlock the mind

So having being late with the writing 101 experience, ain’t going to eliminate day one since i believe that’s my starting point. Am stressed up trying to come up with words but all in all, I write what I feel and that’s why i decided to engage myself with this trial.It’s time to Unlock the Mind.

Starting time.

Having thought about my skills of writing i have been in love with story telling, always with my pen and notebook if not my computer writing something.Probably some things would not make sense to some people but as far as am concerned I know there is a reason behind my writing.

I know words should flow and bring a meaning but having to take this challenge on writing 101 i believe will make my blog grow since i want to be blogging as much as I can and bring something meaningful to the world.

Am a strong believer that at times its better written than said, reason I say this would be that, people are really different and to others they prefer to communicate in writing rather that talking and having no one listening to what you are trying to say,but by the writing at times through my observations i have seen people do take keen on reading frequently and so am I and probably pass it to the third person.

Not everyone is aware that probably they can write either stories, articles and so forth but it’s a matter of trying and taking up the challenge like this my beloved blog the has come up with so as people out there to try their new hobbies or bring up their writing to the next level. It’s my hope that by the 21 days of Challenge i’l have reached to my goals on writing. It’s all about being free to write anything that one think of and what one feels from deep within.

Writing what one feels from deep heart grows out Freedom of expression.

Timed out. Wrote within 20 minutes with no Edits #writing 101 Challenge.


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