Day 3 .My Three loves.#Writing 101.

Today’s Prompt: Writing about the three most important songs in my life-their meaning to me.

First and foremost this was abit hard for me to exactly figure out the most three special songs that has played a major role in a special way, reason being that am a lover of different kind of songs and i know quiet large number of songs which has  touched my heart in a way or another.But am glad I’l hereby  write the most important of all.The songs will always bring memories of people that have been in my life and the people whom I will always cherish as long as I live. Hereby i’l state as follows :-

1.World of our own – By Westlife.This  song bring back fond of memories back way then at highschool.Although this is past, i will always remember how we use to hide after lunch time breaks and we would go for a walk towards a forest that was the only place we could hide and no one could get us. We always carried with us cd players that used batteries and we could listen to this  song all over again not forgetting that most of us would sing to their boyfriend /girlfriend by then.

It was so sweet to miss the afternoon lesson especially if it was a subject that we dint like at all.Westlife by then was our favourite, i don’t even get it how almost the whole of our class was craizy in love with westlife and especially with this specific song.Probably could it be that everyone was in love with some one?. I have never gotten the answers to that.

Thus it will always arouse great memories in my teenage which I don’t regret at all, because I believe I enjoyed my teenage days with special friends that I will always live to remember and it is my prayers that i will reunite with them some day.

2.My second song it’s in my Native language although I will interpret the meaning.(Hinya wa mahoya):meaning. “The power of Praying”.It’s sang by a gentle man called. Muigai wa Njoroge. Although am not a deep religious person whenever i listen to the song it awakes my spirit and encourages me to not give up nomatter the circumstances I am in and to do my part and pray to God to do his part too.Knowing that one’s prayer can work wonders since its your only way that you get to interact with God and it’s the only way to solve your problems when there seem to be no other way out.

The song also reminds  me alot about my late grandmother whom always told us with my siblings that if you let God be in part of your life you will never lack anything which I believe it’s true.I might not attend to church regularly but as long as i have time to say a word of prayer then i believe I have good communication with whom who is up above the blue sky.Glory to Him.

3.Kindness for weakness. By Glen Washington. This is a reggae song that has taught me not to be a parasite to my patner. Has taught me not to take people or rather my loved one’s for granted. Infact this song whenever i listen to it i do kind of feel sad since it reminds me of my first crush whom i never believed everything he said to me . Both of us were in love but I never took him serious at all and everything he told me then I never took it serious. I was almost 17 years so probably i was too young to take in some seriousness. Although that is past i do feel sometimes that i did hurt someone’s feelings in a way that he dint deserve but all in all that’s how life is. Not everyone whom will come into your life will take you serious. But thanks to the power of social media that we reconnected and we are great friends and we both have families that we really adore and love deeply.

Today’s twist, Commiting to a writing practice since i believe that practice do makes perfect. I have made a promise to myself that i’l be writing daily for about Forty minutes and preferably if time allows me can take it to about Sixty minutes.


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