Today’s Prompt :Write about a loss something (or someone)that was part of your life and isn’t anymore.

Hereby is my True story that left me heart broken and glad today  I am going to pour out my heart about it,  i have never talked or discussed about it with anyone and by so doing its my hope that i will feel relieved. Infact i have choose to go serial but i’l just write some part of it and by the next schedule of the writing 101 i will do the continuation of part two and three.

So many people have had issues with having conflicts with their close family or friends. It’s something I never thought it would happen to me but anyway I know that everything happens with a purpose and no stone will  be left un-turned.Why am I saying this?

It was on  the year 2012 mid February I was in poland where I had relocated for not less than two months. I had made up my mind to move from Cyprus island for good after being there quiet for a long time. Around eight years, I needed some change just like it’s nature of a mankind.

Having stayed with my inlaws things din’t really work out well between us and I just had enough. I talked with my husband and informed him we can’t stay with his family i either needed to go to kenya or else I go back to cyprus since that was the only place I had relatives and knew  well about.My husband felt Kenya would be a long way from us especially being separated with our daughter it was something he couldn’t think about nor imagine. Although my husband really begged me to stay and he would get me a house soon. I just couldn’t!  Not another day with his relatives, i had already made up my mind. But i was abit frustrated since that’s not what I expected. I was moving  from cyprus for good. Remember!

I contacted my Aunt and told her that I was thinking of going back to cyprus and if it would be okey with her I spend a month or two at her home and later when my husband would be back from London i would move out. Infact she was happy about it and she couldn’t wait for her niece to get back to the Island.

The day came and we moved to cyprus with my two year old girl and we did get along with my aunt and the son. But as we were talking she told me about one of my closest friend whom Infact i left with all my households stuff as I was going to poland. She talked behind my back going to an extend of telling my aunt that i was even having an affair with my Aunt’s boyfriend. Really? Where the hell did she even get that silly idea? Anyway i ignored it since my aunt was like please don’t fight her just let it go. Okay, but it really bothered me frequently. I started hating my best friend, i took her as my own sister but all she would do was  to talk ill about me?  Infact to my own Aunt?

I couldn’t take it anymore! I decided to tell Peter my Aunt’s boyfriend and when my aunt was with me. But boy!  I was in for a shock.Peter turned to my Aunt looking at her then he turned to me and told me. Ooh dear, Your aunt too should tell you the truth!  Infact she did ask me few times if I did sleep with you?  What? My breath ran out, For christ sake why would the two people I love so much would think ill about me?  I just looked at my Aunt while tears rolling down my cheek. For heavens sake i was married, Secondly even if it would be an affair i couldn’t disrespect myself to that extend of doing it with my Aunt’s boyfriend!

I felt so helpless, felt that everyone was acting on my sight, I felt so much hated by my own two people whom I had loved so hard, I felt lost since i had just come back from poland. I started to regret why i even went back. I should have listened to my husband. That was really hurting and till to date it does. How the hell could my own Aunt and my best friend come up with a total crap against me? Did they hate me that much? Did i do anything wrong to them?  All these questions I bet it would be them to answer but unfortunately I lost their contact as soon as I moved from Cyprus . I had to let go and that was the only way out for me. I had block my best friend from my Facebook and so did I unfriend my Aunt too. The pain was hard to bear.


10 thoughts on “Day Four.SERIALLY LOST

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your painful story with us. I commend you for having found courage to speak from your heart. Writing can help understanding and healing wounds.
    And the pain can go away when you realize that this speaks more about you than about them. Besides, why suffer about actions form those who are not worth of your loyalty and love? Easily said than done, though. I wish you peace of mind.

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