Today’s Prompt :You stumble upon a random letter on the path.(you read it,affects you deeply and wished it could be returned to the person which it’s addressed.Write a story about this encounter.

Dear Liz.

My love, Words cannot explain how I feel about you.You were the only person that gave me joy in my heart. I remember that day you were issued your visa to go and study in United States. I couldn’t hide my joy since i knew that after attaining your degree you would be back to me and get married like we had planned.

You were the only person that gave me a reason of living, i couldn’t see my future without you . For the past 5 years i had remained faithful to you, but you gave me a shock of a life time. I came to know a year later that you already gotten married and you had a baby too.

My life felt shuttered, i never thought that you would break my heart regardless that we were already engaged before you left for your studies.

It has been 8 yrs now and am all alone. Moving On is the last thing probably that will ever happen to me. I still love you Liz. I can’t see myself giving my life to any other Woman. You were the love of my life. Although I can’t help it. I will always try and respect your marriage life, but always remember that someone really loved you.

Yours truly.


Today’s twist.Approach this post in as few words as possible.

My heart was filled with sadness, trying to figure why would someone who had already gotten engaged before leaving for her studies to the man whom she loved could suddenly get married without even alerting his  boyfriend . The only man that loved him and showed his love through engagement.

Tried to question myself if really there was a real love for her? What reasons could have made her break their promise?  Why didn’t she even break up with him before she would even get married? And why couldn’t she even tell him that she was already married?  I felt so sad since he even came to know it a year later and from other sources and not from  her.I just wished I knew either  one of them I would have  back the letter, since there was no  any phone contacts nor the address.

I just concluded that life sometimes can be really unfair.

155 words.


7 thoughts on “TO MY LOVE

  1. Beautiful portrayal of a reality some experience in life. Deeply saddened me! Excellent writing to move the emotions within the reader! Great idea for a story, and nice flow and transition to conclusion. I really really liked this!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Why do people do this? Promise to love you for the rest of their life and the minute they find someone else interesting and leave you hung out to dry. I can relate to this as I’ve been there. I have nothing but contempt in my heart for them.


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