My Adorable Kids # Day 6

Day 6 of writing 101 class.

Today’s Prompt :Who’s the most interesting person (or people)you’ve met this year.

Today’s  writing a post focusing on one or more- of the people that have recently entered in my  life and tell how our narratives intersected.

Well before I even begin to think whom has recently entered in my life, I don’t think there would be anyone whom would come in my life and have a great impact in my life more than my two lovely kids.Although my first born was born 4 yrs ago and my lastborn is almost 12 months now. I wouldn’t call that long ago I just see like it happened so yesterday. Ooh dear! i can’t get enough of my kids they bring joy in my heart. I love them from back to moon.

So meet my first born her name is Natalie and she’s four years old. She is of a mixed race and i have no regrets about it. She is the best gift ever that God granted me with. I couldn’t ask for more. When i was pregnant with Nat i had throughout my  pregnancy  some complications which we ought that we will loose her. My gynaecologist suggested he needed to see me after every two or three days to see how my kid and i are doing. I was put in some medication that was to help prevent contractions from my 5 th month, Oooh boy my eyes were always like a well of water. I cried daily since i couldn’t stand that my pregnancy was a 50 -50 of survival.

I couldn’t think of loosing her regardless that i had a miscarriage before with  twins at my 6 th month, well that’s another story for another day.Luckily enough God worked his miracles and we pushed through with Nat during the pregnancy and boom!  A baby girl was born. When i first held her with my Arms i felt a strong bonding at once, I never get to imagine how that happened because usually I heard all sorts of tales that bonding occurred during breastfeeding.

Natalie revieved my love back towards kids due to the trauma i had with my last miscarriage. She brought my happiness and the joy of my heart back. Goodness!  My daughter and i  are close friends, we play together, share some silly jokes, believe me you I have no other person I can call a best friend, she is my all. She has impacted my life in a way I can’t describe.

The other person is none other but my Son, he is Erick and he is 11 months. I almost lost him too due to placenta Abruption but God was on my side and miracles happened when the doctors had lost hope in my pregnancy. I call him a Miracle boy. Because yes indeed a miracle happened. After bleeding profusely for  two days, the doctors told me they couldn’t help it since my life seemed to be in danger and they would only risk until the third day, if the bleeding wouldn’t have stopped by that day i would had an abortion. Sweet Mother of God! that was the last thing I dint want to hear but I gathered courage and prayed a whole night just asking God to stop the bleeding i wasn’t ready for my son’s loss.

I have no idea how it happened but by morning I dint have any spotting. I went at the toilet every 5 minutes because i thought it was kind of a joke. I prayed hard but I dint expect that dramatic change. The doctors too couldn’t believe it since it was clear to them that my baby couldn’t survive.Although i was put to bedrest i never experienced any sort of bleeding till my delivery time. My son made me believe miracles do happen, he made me become more prayerful although ain’t  a deep religious person but I can’t forget to say a word of prayer and give thanks for having my  adorable kids. My kids are my living testimony.They have made me believe that God really loves me.

I love my kids. They are a mixed of polish and kenyan. These are the only two people that has entered in my life with an impact. My whole life has changed and no regrets about it. They have made me become a more responsible ,caring, loving and kind person. No filter about that. They are my blessings, They have taught me to embrace life in a different angle,They have made me to always be thankful for their life and good health. They are the best thing that happened in my life.


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