A womans insecurity

Day 7#Writing 101.GIVE AND TAKE.

Today’s Prompt :-Write a post based on the contrast between two things whether people,objects,emotions,places or something else.

Today’s twist:-Write your post in form of a dialogue.

Mr.Andreas is the director of Statoil company, he is always a busy man whom travel in different region in Africa for business related matters, he got no time with his family at all. It’s Five o’clock in the morning he gets out of bed to prepare for work as her wife was preparing for his breakfast, she is really tempted to bring up the question of him being away and not spending time with his kids.

Her wife suspected him with a cheating spouse since it dint make sense to her why he was always absent at home. When handing over the breakfast she decided to raise the issue although she was quiet aware that would lead her to trouble.

“Goodmorning my darling, I have an issue I would want us to discuss ” She said to him.

He grabbed his cup of tea and pretending that he was in a hurry, he dint even want to know what the issue was all about.

“My love am talking to you, Or din’t you hear me? “She asked softly.

“Woman! Can’t you see I will be late?, Is this the time to bring your issues?, I’ll be back in two days i have a trip to Athens, when am back we will talk”He responded angrily.

“You are travelling to Athens and you can’t even inform me? What kind of a husband are you? What have we done to deserve all this type of treatments?, You rarely have time with your family”. She said angrily.

“Well I don’t see a reason you should complain i am doing all this to give you and the kids a better life”.He responded to her.

“Better life?  My foot!, I am tired with your nonsense, You can as well go and never come back, Infact we are used to you being absent “.She responded loudly.

“You don’t appreciate all that i am doing for you, I work hard inorder you can have a comfortable life with the kids too, Anyway i am late i have no time for unnecessary urguments! “.He responded as he banged the door and left.


4 thoughts on “A womans insecurity

  1. Boy THAT’S a conversation that probably goes on daily somewhere around the world, isn’t it? You nailed it! Good job. Thanks for the follow. I’ll be back to keep an eye on you!


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