Death to Adverb

writing-101Day 8:-Writing 101 class.

Today’s Prompt :-Go to a local cafe, park or public place and write a piece inspired by something you see.

Today’s twist:-Write an adverb-free post replace adverbs with strong precise verbs.

Today in the Afternoon as I picked my daughter from kindergarden, the thought of going for a walk in a park that was just few minutes from her school, did strike in our minds. I mean it’s was quiet sunny day and we all had missed sunshine quiet a while.

As we walked towards the compound of the park, there were two alluring girls whom were age mates with my daughter. Characteristics of my daughter she ran towards them while i thought perhaps she ought to play with them or rather they were her classmates.

I was all wrong, it’s hard for me to tell how my daughter saw one of the girl hit her fellow friend.  We were walking together but I never saw it, maybe I was too busy singing to my 11 months old as I pushed his pram. As she got to where they were standing i just saw all of a sudden as she pushed one of the girl, I rushed towards her and demanding to know why she did that. Goodness I was in for a shock.

“Natalie you shouldn’t push your friend, it’s wrong and I want you to apologise ” I said to her.

“Mummy why? She wants to fight her (now the girls friend) I saw her and teacher Magda said it’s bad manners “Natalie responded.

“But how and when did you see that,I dint see that happening ” I replied.

“Mummy i saw it, it should be her to apologise “She uttered.

I decided to ask the little girls if that’s what happened or if they were playing. The girl whom was pushed told me that they had some urguments about their doll. I talked to them and we agreed that there would be no more urguments although my daughter kept demanding that what one of the girl  did was wrong.The little girl did apologise and they started playing the three of them.

As they were playing the thought of how my daughter had seen all that happened just amazed me. Although I was impressed with how she ran fast to stop the other girl from pushing her friend. That caught me in a surprise. But am glad to know that my daughter is a peacemaker. I felt inspired by her deeds today.


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