Point of View

Day 9. Today’s Prompt:-A man and a woman walk through the park together, holding hands.They pass an old woman sitting on a bench.The old woman is knitting a small,red sweater.The man begins to cry.Write thus this scene.

Today’s twists:-Write the scene from three different points of view.


Maria was about Seventy eight old and all through her life she has been knitting and red happened to be one of her favourite colour. James and purity are in a relationship for six years now, they both had great plans of how they will live together forever. James mother died few years ago and she happened to know Maria from childhood although Everyone in their village, no one talked with Maria she happened to have molested a neighbour’s son when James  was young. Maria had lived all her life lonely, no one got in touch with her. She din’t talk with anyone allowed their village.

James and purity were going for their evening walk as usual, holding each others hands. As they walked along they happened to pass Maria whom James knew very well although they never talked.It happened from when they were kids, She was involved in molesting a neighbour’s kid and as soon as the villager heard of it no one gotten along with her, all her entire life she lived lonely life nor did she happen to have her family pay her visits.

She was sitting at the bench knitting a small,red sweater.Infact all through her entire life she always knitted and red happened to be her favourite colour. As soon as they passed her James was holding back his tears, he couldn’t stand breaking down infront of her girlfriend purity whom she had never narrated to about Maria’s story. He grabbed his hand and took off some tissues from his pocket and thus when purity noticed that Infact James was crying.

“Sweetie! Are you crying”Purity Asked.

“Am fine, Never mind i just felt Maria, don’t you think she has paid  for her deeds quiet a longtime now?” He responded.

“What are you talking about?  Who is this Maria? “She replied.

They had already stopped walking and all over a sudden purity felt as if though James was playing games on him. Her face turned red and she dint even wait James to utter any word.Like usual she was fond of coming  up with conclusions. Maria could listen to their urguments since they were just few metres from her.

She cut-short her knitting and gave an ear to the urguments of the two couples. She walked towards them, she felt the need to discuss few words with them. She was aware that James was talking about her and Infact she felt the need to talk to James since it was quiet along time they both talked.They last talked when he was ten years of age.

Purity was hot tempered and she din’t understand what that was all about before even Maria could utter a word, She pushed away James and left both of them standing.

James ran towards her but she couldn’t say a word, he was willing to tell her why he cried although purity thought it otherwise. She felt that probably James must have cheated on him and he found it hard to break the news to her. She also felt that there was something to do with Maria but she couldn’t really guess what it was.The fact that he never opened up to her. She felt though he was not open with her despite dating for quiet a long time.

“What could this be that makes you cry, you don’t want to tell me ” She Asked.

“My love am not hiding anything from you, but please let’s walk back home, I’ll explain everything to you “He replied.

Purity being naive she yelled at him and concluding that she din’t want to hear anything from him. It was better he kept it to himself like he found it better  not to have said a word to her all that long. She left him standing and left.

As soon as purity left he went back at the bench where Maria was sitting earlier wondering why was her girlfriend acting that way. He felt though that probably she was some kind of a drama queen. How on earth would she be that Naive?. All over sudden he started to question if they were really meant for each other. He was mad about how she had reacted. He felt though she was not worth her love.

Maria went back to sit next to James at the bench and she asked what was all about the fuss.James explained everything and she couldn’t help it rather than cry. She felt sorry to him that she was the reason purity has just left in such a manner.  Although she told James that Women are hot tempered at times especially if they felt that a man din’t really open up and pour their hear to them,and being a fact that he mentioned  another woman’s name. She felt despaired with the reality that all that happened because of her. Although they both had a dialogue for quiet sometime Maria felt privileged to have talked to James since they talked last when  he was a little boy.

Maria felt that probably it happened so that both of them would get to talk to each other after a long time.

The End.writing-101


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