Happy ,The Chapati’s

FB_IMG_1429372539011Today’s Prompt:-Tell us something about your favourite childhood meal.(the one that comforted me and has deep roots in my memory).

Today’s twist:-Tell the story in your own distinct voice.

It’s Chapati time, hurray! Chapati’s were my favourite and still they are, the feeling I always had when my mother or anyone else made them just couldn’t hide that joy in my heart, Infact i always stayed at the kitchen till the very first was ready. Haha!  My mother was not the type to just give them out before they were all ready but the craziness in me couldn’t wait any seconds, i just thought i’l loose my breathe, Goodness! Probably one would have thought I had not eaten a couple of weeks.

I celebrated Chapati’s due to the fact that they were served with a fried chicken or beef stew, mmmmh, yummy!. That joy that came as I was deeping my small slices in the stew i just can’t really elaborate it. It was a feeling of a kind!. Although we always had them every Saturday, I just never gotten enough of them, They were my loves.

They were too made in every party and mind you not all kids were privileged to have the chapati’s, the kids from poor background saw the chapati’s just once a year probably and that was during Christmas periods. Sad, isn’t it? But thank goodness I could afford them weekly basis.

In every occasion back in my country Kenya, you will always find  them chapati’s.

The other thing about them is that they made me get a crazy beating  by my Aunt.She had just prepared supper and guess what it was Chapati time, I just went at the kitchen tip toeing, since no one was allowed to serve him/herself. I went so quick to take one and hide myself while eatin, unfortunately I had a bad luck if I should say so. There was a bucket full of water at the floor and can’t really tell what happened and as I was covering with the lid my chapati’s fell in the water. Poor me! That meant there was no dinner for the entire family. When my Aunt came back to the house and saw what had happened she started beating me up. Oooh dear everyone was angered especially with the fact that. That very day everyone was waiting hard for the serving time and they get served.

They also reminds me of the gatherings  that we always had at my grandparents home. I just couldn’t get over the damn “chapo’s” like we called them.

I still love my chapati’s and i’l always love my dear chapati’s. They give me fond memories.FB_IMG_1429372539011


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