Nomination!! Infinity Dreams Award.


Am hereby delighted by the nomination of Infinity Dreams Award which I was nominated by Couch Potahto. Am humbled and thanks once again for the nomination. I should sat that you are a great writer as well. 

I will hereby nominate few bloggers that i have been following recent and i believe they deserve this Award too as a way of appreciating their writing in general. So hereby is what you should do when nominated

1. Thank the person who gave this Award and include their link.

2. Nominate the blogs/ bloggers you’ve recently discovered /follows.

3. Finally tell the person who nominated you 7 facts about yourself.

Hereby is my 7 facts about me.

1.I enjoy motherhood more than anything else, Infact i would prefer being around my kids always. They are my everything. I love them from moon to back.

2. Am a kind person although most of my friends end up taking  me for-granted and due to that i don’t entertain “best friends things”. I have had enough of it.

3. I love to dance. Goodness it brings back my joy and makes me feel like a teenager again (haha).

4. I can’t stand time wasters. Once I realise you are a time wasters, i got no room for you.

5.Am old fashioned, meaning I don’t do the trendy stuff eg. We all know people have gone crazy with the issues of dressing. Nope not me i don’t do trends. I like to be different from anyone else. I can’t stand that thing of seeing 3 or more people wears what I do wear. Abit weird, isn’t it?  That’s me anyway.

6. Gym, Gym , Gym. I exercises like a beast. A day goes without exercises i don’t really know how it would be like for me. It’s in my lifetime schedule so long as am Physically fit to do the exercise.

7. I Am prayerful although ain’t that religious but I can’t do without praying for my family and I.

So the Infinity Dreams Awards goes tooo…





5.Pearcecharity 1971

6.Smiley year wood.

7. Shirley’s Heaven.

Congratulations once more and share the happiness Around.


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