Our Wooden House

Day 11 of writing 101.

Today’s Prompt:-Where did you live when you were 12 years old.(Which town,city and country). Was it a house /Apartment.A boarding school or, foster home?Who lived there with you.

Today’s,twists :- Pay attention to your sentences,length and use short,medium and long sentence.

When i was 12 years old i lived with my parents in a place called Ngecha in Kenya.Ngecha was more of a village.We lived  in the same compound with my late grandparents.

Our house was built of wood although we felt though like we lived in Stoney building, we never lacked anything Infact my parent’s they tried all ways possible to give us a better life. At the opposite there was the YMCA  compound which happened to be also worshipped at by some kind of full gospel church, that was kind of a nightmare to us if probably they would spend a night praying and singing while beating up drums and their piano.

Our wooden house was in the same plot with my grandparents too.We also had a pit latrine that was wooden too and with a hole at the middle,it was always a disaster sometimes since one of my aunt whom lived with my grandparents could at times pick silly fights. Probably it was the the rate of being idle?  I have no idea. We weren’t happy with our place of living although we dint have a choice during that time.

At the backyard we had a huge compound that my parents and my grandparents each had a space of their own where they practised small scale farming and livestock. Yes, we had about 3 cows that always drove us nuts with the noise  they made mooow! mooow! (lol) the  better part of it was that we loved our home. We had too a flower garden whereby we arranged the flowers neatly that were grown in a plastic oil that we emptied the oil after cooking. I was lucky hence my parents could afford to enroll me in a boarding school so i wasn’t home regularly although I enjoyed every bit of being a boarder.

We enjoyed the every moments we lived next to our grandparents. Although years later my parent’s moved to their new home, we do still miss our wooden house which we were so comfortable with.

All the best and worst memories are in that house although still being miles away from home I’ll live to cherish the memories of our wooden house where I was born and blended.

Sweet memories of our  three rooms wooden house.









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