Africa Doomed!!

Day 12 writing 101. DARK CLOUDS ON THE (virtual)HORIZON.

Today’s Prompt:- Write a post inspired by a real world conversation.

Today’s twists:- Include an element of foreshadowing in the beginning of your post.

Dear South Africa!!

Once we cried for the pain caused on you …But now Africa cries of the pain you have caused.

Mama Africa.

This is going to be the most heartbreaking ever!! the entire world has seen the happening’s that has been going on in South Africa. It’s such a shame that a bunch of crooks whom can’t even maintain a job offered to them even for a day, can hit to a point of brutally killing their own African brothers and sisters in the name of “they taking our jobs”.

It seems to me that South Africa has forgotten their history that soon. They have forgotten that the entire African countries went to help them in times of Apartheid.

Burning people alive and stubbing them to death It’s just barbaric. Enough is Enough the entire of South Africa should be boycotted!  Yes they need to be thrown out of the  African union, their Airline’s should be banned in the entire African continent, let their business be shut down in other African countries, let them be banned from stepping any African land!!  Yes they are Animals not human beings!! Infact they have shown the rest of the world how far they can go, so why not let them face the consequences?

In social media have been the issue of some of the South Africans condemning the Act. Stating that not all South Africans are bad and evil. Going to a point of saying that it’s 5 % of their fellow Unlearned crooks did that. I beg to differ! If it was the 5%, then where is the 95%?

What have they done to stop that nonsense of xenophobic attacks? They should be out there facing the 5% and stopping them from killing the African foreigner’s.

95 % is quiet a huge group, surely they can overcome the 5% of those bruts. They should spare us the talk and do some Action.

Do those people know that the Foreigner’s  they killed had gone there to search for green pastures? For christ sake they weren’t millionaire’s whom owned lots of cash. No! They were trying ends meet. But all you could pay them back with was a brutal murder?

South Africans should know that the most successful business empire’s in their country it’s not owned by their African people. NO!

They should know that 97% of shareholder’s  are the Chinese not your fellow Africans!

The African foreigner’s you claim they are  taking over your job opportunities owns just 1% of small stores, corner ones, tiny, tiny one’s and yet you see your fellow Africans as a threat in your country and attack them brutally?

Why have they forgotten the freedom they  relatively enjoy they were helped by their African people. 30 years back the Africans made you who you are today but that’s the pay back of attacking our poor African brothers and sisters.

South Africa you will not get away with this. Surely your time will come and pay the hard way.

All in all its my hope that peace prevail in Africa as whole continent. God bless Mama Africa.




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