Serially Found

Day 13 # writing 101.

Today’s Prompt:- Write about finding something.

Today’s Twist :- If you wrote day four’s post series use this one as 2 nd installment loosely defined.

When i found what I had Serially lost. You can find my Day four in my previous post.”SERIALLY LOST”.

Happiness, happiness and being at peace with myself it’s all i have, thank goodness after migrating from Cyprus island to Poland there’s one thing I have learnt, which is that happiness and letting go is all that makes me feel whole again after heartbreaking from my close relatives and friends i have learnt that no one else could give me back my happiness apart from me.

Here i am I have found and acquired my happiness that comes from within my heart, I have found the joy that determines whom i am. It was hurting to let go of my friends and some of my family although I would say it wasn’t easy but I managed, i knew that so far so good i couldn’t trust anyone whatsoever and begun the journey to find my happiness which seemed to be lost within the people that were evolved in my life.

The best part of it that i found caring friends whom don’t waste time on gossips, i found a friend I can speak up with and share the challenges of life, I found my own happiness which was the best thing that ever happened to me.

As soon as I came back from Cyprus i had lost hope in everything and on everyone. I lost trust, i couldn’t figure exact what was my purpose in life. Why? Due to heart breaks caused by the people I trusted most. I indulged myself in self coaching each new day. Ā I read lot of books that helped me through and lastly i came to realize that there was no one else whom would help me gather back to trust towards people I met.

Here are points that made me find my peace and hapiness :-

1. I learnt not to listen to people’s gossips (you better not tell me such nonsense, or else il ignore you completely no matter whom you are).

2.I learnt to move on and forget about the past.

3.I learnt to speak up when wronged (goodness this kills slowly, if wronged tell it out.

4. Freedom of expression .

5.Learned not to trust anyone not even my own shadow.

I found my happiness, joy and trusting was the most important things that seemed to have faded away.

Once you let go and move on, you will truly find your new beginning which will be better off than your past.

The best part of it, i have found who matters in my life, I have,found my new self, Although i lost contact with some of my old friends and my close relatives i believe it’s for my own good. I strongly believe if one doesn’t add up in to your life it’s hight time to let them out and let in those people that add value onto your life.

We are living once and life is too short to live in stress,betrayal and fake people.

Finding your happiness is all that matters and am glad I did.


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