Today’s twists :-If you would like to continue on the theme or lost and found more generally in this post.

Questions to think about an you write your post.

1).What have you learnt about your loss over the years.

2).What does feel like to find an object that was once important to you?

3)When can reconnecting go horribly wrong?

4).When are things better left buried and forgotten.

Well having Writen earlier about the Serially challenge, i have the feeling that it would be quiet better if I tackle the above questions in continuation of the “Serially Challenge “.

   In my day 13 on writing 101 i talked of Happiness was the greatest thing for me that i found which had seemed lost and buried for quiet sometimes, reason being that I had people around me whom i regarded as best friends through thick and thin,i had trusted them and did adore them, but later to be paid back with heartbreak. 

As soon as I decided enough was enough for me. That’s when I started  seeing some changes in me. By having let them go, i searched my inner self and by so  my happiness was born. Not only happiness but I had my time to  self couching which  made me achieve great things that i never thought I could.

I started seeing my family as my pillar and not the friends whom pretended to be .

I also had  enough time with my family ( I mean my husband and my daughter), i don’t mean I never cared about them, No!  But I feel that I never gave them my full time attention due to friendship disrupt. What do I mean by this?.I was the kind of a woman whom never wanted to hurt anyone’s feelings especially when my friends and the best friends are concerned, so if that day the plan was to have our family time and any of my close family pops up with an idea either to visit or we hook up for coffee i was in for it.Although my husband never complained about it, i  feel that probably i never gave them my full time attention when needed to or as we maybe had planned that particular day.

And that’s where now I have learned to say No and a big No for that matter. So currently the few friends i have here in poland they know me as a person whom will not buy any kind of idea especially if I had other plans with my family. I don’t care anymore about friendship like before and that makes me feel that i have come to learn how to embrace life as it should be.

So i get to my number one question. What have I learnt about my loss over the few years.

1. I have learnt that No is a complete word it does not require justification or explanation. This way with whatever my friends wants am always in a possibility to say No and that’s it. Respect it or get going! and remember i don’t give explanations as to why ain’t buying your ideas. But am lucky enough my new friends don’t even get to that extend of questioning, But don’t get me wrong. I do love them and when I have time i have no reason not to meet with them.

Question 2-what does it feel like to find on object that was once more important?

1) I feel quiet in charge of my life, I don’t go with the crowd and so it makes me feel being more independent.

Question 3-when reconnecting go horribly wrong?

Oooh dear when one start to do the things that hindered him /her freedom, peace, etc. Yes when you get back to your odds that were of no good to you. The thing /issue it’s to move forward don’t turn backward coz it will ruin your life.

Question 4-when 4-When are things better left buried and forgotten.

This should apply at the moment you realize that it will create a big problem eg nonstop quarrels, fights etc (there are people who are great at creating drama, so why don’t you just forget about the issue and move on)

When looking for peace and the joy of your heart being silent is the best weapon. Forget and move to the next step.

Today I felt that’s how I should tackle my Serial challenge. Hope it makes some sense.Neither have i edited i just wanted to publish it with no Edits. Sounds weird?  Huh! Hope no huge mistakes. Love you all


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