Today’s Prompt :-We all have anxieties, worries and fears. What are you scared of? Address one of your worst fears.

Today’s twist :-Write this post in a style distinct from your own.

Goodness as soon as I read Today’assignments, straight away i knew what I just talk about today. Ooh dear this has bothered me quiet Long, ain’t going to lie. I think about it almost everyday.

DEATH. Haha I might sound silly but that’s my worst fear. When i imagine of it, believe me you I get scared like nobody’s business. This is something that i have been scared about since my childhood, my family knows that too.

I just don’t know why I think about it often, i don’t really understand why it bothers me. I think I should get used to it, but wait a minute.

I don’t want to die and leave my kids, my family and my friends. It’s always my prayer that i will live to see my great grandchildren, i want to live and see my children prosper, i want my parent’s to live longer and i just have one wish.

I wish my grandparents would come back to life, how I just wish they would return and see my kids, but I guess they are watching over us. Who knows?  I hope so. Let me hope they are praying over us.

Death is my greatest fear I don’t know if am the only crazy person whom is afraid of it, but boy  once I think of it makes me shiver.

All in all its a stage i’l have to pass so i better get used to it.But!  “My prayer is Lord don’t take me before am done in bringing up my kids in your own way.Do not take me before my work is yet done here on earth, i know I was born for a purpose on this earth. It’s in Jesus name i pray and believe. Amen.


7 thoughts on “Day 17.PERSONALITY ON PAGE

  1. Your anxiety certainly comes through! I appreciate your brevity in this, how I expected that you might go into a story about just what made you even more fearful it seems than the average person but you didn’t go that route. You stayed almost conversational and that served to take me into your head with you, your monologue. I also like that you ended with your prayer, very fitting.


  2. I have long feared death. It is such an unknown and I can’t stand thinking about leaving my kids, family and friends behind. Thanks for sharing your fears in this brave post.


  3. I hear ya. The scepter of death hangs over everyone of us and it is the crazy person who doesn’t fear it at all. Well written. May you live long and prosper and my God look upon you with favor and bring you peace.


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