Today’s Prompt :-Write the story in first person, told by twelve year old sitting on the stoop across the street.

Today’twists:- Think about more than simply writing in first person point of view. Build this twelve year old as a character. Reveal atleast one personality quirk for example either through spoken dialogue or inner monologue.

Simon was just twelve years of age, he was quiet charming and a suspicious boy although to many he seemed naughty he was kind hearted just like her mother whom everyone talked about in their village. He was found of going to play at river across the street that divided two roads heading to Mrs Pauley’s home

Just as he decided to chill out for his friends so they would go to play, he saw Mrs Pauley’s landlord accompanied by two police officers, he was eager wanting to know what was going on. Being the suspicious boy he followed slowly towards the gate and that’s when he saw the landlord throwing away Mrs Pauley’s belongings, Sadness ran down his spine as he remembered that Mr Pauley had died 3 months ago and neither his six boys came to see him, She lived in such a lonely life for the past three months of grief.

He  run quick home to inform her mum what was going on being with the fact that his mum at times took some food to Mrs Pauley since she knew her situation. As he got home he met her mum at the flower garden watering while talking on her cell phone..

“Mummy, Mummy! Mrs Pauley is in trouble, the police and her Landlord are taking off her belongings outside the compound. She’s been evicted “He uttered.

Her mum hanged off the phone and got closer to her son worried.

“Are you serious?, Please get in my bedroom and bring with you my White sweater i’l rush there right away ” She said

He run towards his  mum’s bedroom and passed her the sweater.

“Thank you dear,Just stay at home and I will go to check what’s happening with her “She uttered and left.

As soon as she got at Mrs Pauley’s compound she found her sitted under the tree crying and her house had been locked,  the landlord and the police had already gone.

“Mrs Pauley’s, What’s happening?  You have been thrown out?  Please stop crying my darling, let’s pack your clothes in one of your bag and we can go to my house “She said to her.

“Ooh my darling things have fallen apart for me, my landlord has had enough with me due to the fact that i have not been able to pay my rent. Neither of my son’s cares about me. Lord what have I done to deserve all this? “Mrs Pauley responded

“Come one stop crying and let’s go to my house, i will help you, you can stay with us. Please come, let’s go “She replied

Mrs Pauley could not hide her joy having someone coming to her rescue.

“Mummy, Mrs Pauley will be staying with us? “Simon asked

“Yes, we can’t just forsake her now, she needs help”She replied

“But for how long?, Where will she be sleeping?  At the couch i guess “He questioned

“Not really, have you forgotten we have an air mattress? “She responded

“Air mattress?  But that’s mine for basking  at the sun “He replied angrily.

“Shhhh,Could you end this discussion. Mrs Pauley might feel uncomfortable when you raise this questions. She needs our help. What are friends for? “She said

“Okey but doesn’t she have family that could help her? “He asked

“Enough you are too young to question about older people “She replied.

“Okey, Sorry Mum. Can I go now to play with my friends? He said


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