Today is a free writing day.Write at least four hundred words and once you start typing don’t stop.No self -editing, No trash talking and No second guessing. Just go. Bonus points if you tackle an idea you’ve been playing with but think is too silly to post about it.

Four hundred words.One at a time. GO!

It was six o’clock in the afternoon having gotten home from school. I passed by at the shopping centre just to find my mum had closed down our supermarket. Thoughts started hitting onto my mind.

“What could be the reason our shop was closed”I questioned my mind.

Well there seemed to be no answer, Our neighbours shop she was at her shop with other two women whom i said hello to and asked them if anyone had an idea why my mum had closed the shop. That was not normal to me. For the years we had the supermarket, i knew it as opened daily till late in around 9.00 pm.

I noticed the two women gazed at me with a sort of sadness which I never understood the reason. They also talked very sad in a way that made me guess there was something that was going on.Anyway i decided to go straight home and met our housegirl crying.

I asked her what was the problem, but she said to me that she had some pains on her stomach. Really? I doubted. I asked her about my whereabout of my mum since i passed by the shop and it was closed down.

She replied. Not really she don’t know where my mum was and the reason the closed could have been closed down.Some thing made me feel all was not well.

I went at the back of our house that’s where I found my cousin sitted aline. I asked her if he knew why Mary our housegirl was crying and with his innocence, he said it point blank.

Grandmother died!  What do you mean?  I asked him.

Your mum’s mum passed away when she was in a funeral as she was talking to the orphans.

Gracious lord!  That couldn’t have been true. I lost it at once. How could my own Grandmother die. And die as she was talking to the orphans at the funeral. I have no idea how I started walking to an unknown place only to be found by some two church members whom were heading at my grandmothers home they held my hand and we walked together to my granny’s compound.

That’s when reality hit me when I saw a big crowd at the compound.I went looking for my mum and found her at my uncle’s house, his house was…..

The End that’s where my 400 words ended. There was no editing, No trash talking,neither second guessing. It’s a true story that i always felt to write about it. How my late granny died a peaceful death.There were no sickness. Just passed as she was talking to the orphans. May her soul r.I.p…Continuation coming soon.


7 thoughts on “GRANNY’S PASSING

  1. Glad that you felt you write about this and that your grandmother is on your heart. Both of my grandmother’s are now gone and I do wish I had gotten to know them better when they were around. Interesting how all the adults shied away from the truth while your cousin knew only to tell you.


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