Today’s Prompt :-Tell us the stay of your most prized possession.

Today’s twist :-We extolled the virtues of brevity back on day five, but now, let’s jump to the other side of the spectrum and turn to long form writing.

“Well this the end of blogging 101 and i should say I enjoyed every bit of it, meeting new people and getting to meet great writer’s. I’l miss my wordpress family. Love you all.”

After my high school graduation, that’s about eight years ago, I had a friend whom i treasured, the funny thing was that he was a boy. Mmmh, and I don’t mean my boyfriend, Nope, we were just great friends although most people thought we were in love which that was not the case. He had his girlfriend.

He was the kind of a person whom i felt he understood me better and so did I. He was such a kind, caring and funny guy.As we were about to do our final  exam, he offered me the New Testament Bible as a gift. Aaha, yeah the bible, Men!  That was the most precious gift i have hold on to -date and i treasure my bible more than anything else. Although am not a regular reader of the bible, Oooh lord have mercy on me, but it’s well kept, i do get hold of it sometimes although not so often. But it brings back fond memories. It brings back my high school life, my friends that I haven’t seen for the last eight years nor heard about them.

I still hold a special place in my heart for them, I still treasure them and miss them deeply.

There was a time i was moving to a new apartment and with the moving of things I happened to have misplaced my bible. Goodness! I almost cried, couldn’t concentrate till I found it. That was when I realised how much I treasure my tiny gift. I hope one day I’ll meet my best friend although it’s been quiet some years i haven’t seen him nor heard from him but it’s always my prayer that we will bump at each other some day. Probably he might think am craizy having kept his gift.But i felt it was like a way of honouring our friendship.

My high school days are one of those that i’l treasure, i would turn back the clock if it would be possible. But all in all its just the memories am left with and so il always hold onto those memories that are brought by my New testament Bible.



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