Am delighted to have been nominated few times for the Liebester Award, Although it has taken me ages to take on the challenge. Am grateful and thankful to the following people that nominated me

Myredpage.wordpress. com

I have picked few questions from each of them.

1.Why  do you write? I have been writing ever since i was about 12 yrs of age. Whenever I see or hear something and feel the urge needs to be addressed. I carry on with writing. I also write to speak up my mind.

2.What’s your Passion :-Being an Entrepreneur.

3.When are you happiest :-When i have my piece of mind with my two lovely kids.Those are my happiest moments.

4.If you could visit any time in the past. Where would you go? Africa. At my parents homestead. Secondly at my late grandparents home.

5.Your favourite place in the world would be? My home back in Kenya. There is no place like home. East, West  home is the best. It’s my favourite place and will always be.

6.What’s your motto in life.It’s Now or Never . What do I mean by this?.It’s now that i can achieve my goals and excel. It’s now that i can make that change and impact in my life. No one knows about tomorrow.

7.Did you ever danced in the rain?Would you?  Not really i have never danced on the rain and i don’t think I would.I don’t really like that idea of being rained on.

8.The last picture you took? Actually today. That of my daughter and my Son

9.Five words that describes you?Smart. Yes I am (haha)

10.Which famous person from past would you have lunch with.Why? Mother Teresa. Reason. She was such a humble, caring and loving woman She was one of a kind whom cared about the sick,poor etc.She showed the true meaning of working at the house of the Lord. Not like some leaders we have nowadays in churches whom think about Their well-being only.

I’l hereby nominate few people and once nominated make a post thanking and linking the person who nominated you.

Nominate other’s whom you feel are worthy this Award.Let them know they have been nominated by commenting on one of their posts.

Answer ten questions asked by the person who nominated you.

Make ten questions of your own for your nominee’s. lastly copy these rules in the post.

Hereby are my questions.

1.What keeps you moving on?

2.What describes your personality?

3.Which is your favourite meal?

4.If given a chance, what would you change for the better way of living around the world?

5.Who is your mentor?

6.What is it that you can’t do away without?

7.Your weakest point? How do you handle it?

8.Reasons that made you blogging?

9.Whom do you miss most and why?

10.A simple word that describe you better?Why?

So having raised up my questions the Award goes to the following people:-

I din’t include the photo Award. It seems to dissappear while am trying to upload it. Don’t really know the reason.


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