I  had a hectic week,I couldn’t get enough time for my blogging and with the burning issues that have been burning me up. But finally i’l talk it out. Wait!  Is my mind clicking right?  Probably not but I guess one or two people will agree with me.

A woman is known to be the weakest vessel, Haaa!  Not by me. Infact i don’t  advocate to such sayings, to me those days are gone! You got to be nuts to survive baibe and if not, then too bad for you. So why do some women act as though they just got into their teenage stage?  Hmm ain’t being  harsh but girlfriend’s it’s time to let go that nonsense of crying all over just because your relationship is not heading anywhere.

I believe that the earlier the better, if your man ain’t treating you right, he don’t care about you anymore, he see’s you like a disgrace infront of him and your friends etc then there are the headlights, Run baibe Run! Infact i would go far away /miles away he would never see me again.

Come one, everyone deserves to be treated nicely and mostly we women love to be pampered.  Who hates that anyway?  We feel more appreciated, Loved and cared. Men just pamper your ladies just a little bit and they’l turn out to be the newest angel you’ve never seen.

Am just tired of seeing and listening to other women’s heartbreak. Complains, complains. Whereas you have the last word. Can’t you just let go and move on? Better things are waiting for you, enough of mourning for a man whom doesn’t care about you and Infact he shows and says it to you point blank.

So what other justifications are you waiting for to know it’s time to let go?

Is that really the kind of life that pleases you?  Being with someone who makes you weap always?

Two weeks ago I had a conversation with a friend and she told me about how her cousin been married for quiet sometimes and the husband don’t want her anymore. Yes he wants a divorce.

I know it’s the most painful thing although I have never gone through it but my question is. What the he’ll happened to trusting your guts?  The very same cousin keeps saying she knew that their marriage was not going to work. I mean, Woman you must be insane. You knew the trouble you putting yourself into marrying someone who wasn’t that much into you. Then now when the hell breaks loose, you don’t give us peace with your crying.

Come on!  I am a kind person but I just can’t take that bullshit. Those are your own problems you created. No apologies for that and I mean it.

What happened to the affection?  Aaha the love affection. I thought there must be some chemistry between the two lovers. Not just meeting someone and without a second thought you claim to love him /her and in a couple of months your are wedding. Hahaah sounds silly.

Somethings don’t just make sense. If you knew it before then why did you commit to marry the person?   If you truly felt that there was no love or rather there was no that kind of a feeling that made you feel, Yes this is the one!  Why do it?

Today you are hurting and you brag you felt it way before that you weren’t meant for each other? That’s more of a thirteen year old talk!

It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee just let the man go. Crying ain’t gonna help. You made a mistake but that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a second chance. With no time you’l heal and probably find your soul mate.

Women are something else, But not all. Some of us just don’t know their worth whatsoever. Money ain’t everything, don’t marry him just because he will full your wallet because soon you’ll pay it the hard way.

If at the beginning there comes some signals that Nope this won’t work. Let go and Run far away don’t fall into that trap of money nonsense. Let him go and find your other.

If not then you can put up with the bullshit and have yourself to blame. Choices have consequences!

But to all wonderful women out there who value their own happiness. Big up and keep your head high but don’t get me twisted it’s not about Feminism. It’s telling it the way it should be.

If you doubt anything just learn how to let Go and let God take over your life he can never mislead you. But if you are controlled over by posh life and wealth then i bet so many men out there will break your heart into pieces.


9 thoughts on “LETTING GO!

      • I know there is nothing to be done. But its not just “oh well, this not working so let me move right ahead and jump into another relationship”. Especially when people have put so much time and effort into someone. Of course people are going to cry and it will take them a while to get over it. Everyone is not as strong as you are. And besides, you’ve never been in that situation, so you really have no idea what your reaction would be. If you cannot empathize with her, at least try to sympathize. She will probably get through this tough time much quicker if she has a good friend like you to help her.


      • I get you darling but if the suffering have been going on for the last two years and the guy insists the same thing then you have nothing else left rather than end it and let him be, or you can be ready to stay with him with all the drama. I have never been through a divorce but I had been through a breakup with some guy before I met my husband and believe me it was crazy but I had to let go and come to terms with the reality. Secondly the lady married coz of money issues not the love itself and till now she insists she can’t let go coz of the guys property so really! How to show sympathy if the issue is the kind of lifestyle she had she don’t want to let go. What drives me nuts it’s when the money issues is brought up, if she would talk of love issues then i would understand her completely.

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  1. Haa thank God I’ve lived my life following these exact same rules! The moment I figure out that someone is taking me forgranted and not valuing me for who I am, I move on immediately. N, I’m not cold-hearted, I’ve had my fair share of tears.. And those tears have taught me that I don’t need a man in my life.. I need my family, I need my God with me.. And as far as I value MYSELF, believe in MYSELF, I’m living a happy and content life 🙂


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