So for the past week i have been thinking about my journey to motherhood. It’s up’s and down. Yeah I mean down. It’s not always jovial moments but don’t get me long but you’ l understand why I mean so.

  Motherhood was something I feared completely Infact i never pictured myself being a Mother. Woooh!  but like they say, you never know what it is like till you experience.

I wouldn’t regret anything whatsoever so far am blessed to be a mother of my
lovely kids.

When it happened that i was pregnant with my daughter,it never hit me that hard that i’l have someone very soon whom will depend on me and will need my 100 % attention, be it i’l be working or not, be it in times of sickness etc.The fact of the matter was that i have to be committed to her. I never allowed myself to stress about it nor did I want to listen to all the tales one gets about delivery and so forth.

I came into terms with myself that i’l do it my own way. But i think the thing that made me pick onto such decision was that i dint have anyone to help me out. It was just my hubby and i. My mum was miles away from me although I had relatives around me but they were not of any help.” Well il get to that later long about the relatives “.

So i was 23 of age neither had i known how to deal with pampers, feed a little one but by the help of my hubby i managed. Infact he taught me how to change the diapers haha.

My aunt had promised me that she would come to help me for about a week as soon as i’l deliver but owe unto me a month before I was to deliver she decided to go to Kenya for a vacation. Mmmmh, Well I couldn’t stop her although with all the promises she had given me made me unhappy. The funny thing was that the day she was had the flight was the very day i was admitted due to high blood pressure and i had to do a csection as soon as my BP lowered.

Few days later after my BP was constant i was booked to theater. That was when I had mixed feelings and a crazy one for that matter, fear inflicted down my spine wondering how will it be like to meet a new person I have never seen. Goodness! I wonder if I was the only crazy woman with all sorts of thoughts in my mind. Boy was i scared but finally in a couple of minutes someone was born.

There was when I started shaking when the nurses Brough my baby girl to me. When brought closer to me was almost going craizy. Poor me but the nurses were so nice they gave me sometime to take a breathe, but finally I gathered courage and held my sweetheart.

It was a moment of a mixed feelings because i thought that i would fall in love with her constantly but I was wrong. The love grows daily. I have learnt that how I love her today is not the way i’l love her tomorrow. That love keeps growing day in day out and so is with my Son. Our love grows day by day.

The challenges of motherhood are there and at times one need her time alone to overcome them.What i have learnt so far with my kids is that finding some me time keeps me on my toes. Everyone needs a break anyway but since the break is hard to get, am all by myself with the kids and my hubby gets from work inthe evening.

So my plan is when my daughter goes to kindergarden. I’l have my 2 hours of exercise, yoga and meditate before my son wakes up. That has helped me so far even with my journey of loosing the baby fat or my weight in general.

I would say that am quiet happy that i have been taking care of my young ones without anyone’s help apart from my hubby. At times am glad he understands that i need to be alone and so he does take the kids with him for a walk or to play ground as I am left to have sometime of myself.

Motherhood requires commitment and if you ain’t ready don’t rush to it.

It requires alot of patience. Without patience one can get down moments which ain’t worth for your kid and yourself too.

The other thing in Motherhood you get obsessed with pooh. Yes especially for the first time mother’s but with no time it will be a part of your obligation that you’ll get used to it.

As you get to learn something new daily. It will always be the sweetest thing ever Nothing can beat Motherhood whatsoever.

I wouldn’t say am perfect but am happy that in this journey i keep learning on daily basis.
Big up to all the Mothers out there!!



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