Am hereby delighted to take on the blogging 101 classes.I know it’s my second time and I appreciate every thing I learn from my fellow bloggers.

Introduction :- Am Nina not new to blogging 101, Am a mother of two lovely kids and currently I resides in poland with my family.

I would say am an extrovert lady although kind-hearted, am always willing to learn from other people and that’s one of the reason made me find myself into blogging.

Secondly I love to talk out my mind and with the writing makes me relieved whenever I write anything that I feel should be said.

One of the reason am into blogging is simply that I want to express myself in whatever I find its relevant to beΒ  addressed.So I would say at the moment would be hard to predict or categorise my blog. Haha

The other reason am here it’s Β to meet new people and atleast read their writing and learn one or two things.
I will leave it here and let’s see how it goes with the ongoing blogging 101 writing.

It will be my great pleasure to meet new great writer’s /bloggers



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