Day 4.Blogging 101 :-
Assignment :-Publish a post you would like your ideal audience member to read,and include a new -to-you element in it.

     The African Woman.


The hard working, dedicated African Woman, that poor woman whom struggle to put food on the table, that woman whom sacrifice her life for the sake of taking care of her family.

  She tries all ways possible to provide for her family. She passes through hardships, hard labour which she gets paid peanuts for and yet nobody seem’s to care about her. She works for the well fed, rich and nosy African Woman whom thinks that the entire world evolves within her.

My great worry, being why would you not treat the unfortunate just like you would love to be treated if you was in her case?  What makes you think that you were born lucky and probably she was sort of cursed?  I believe we are all equal in the eyes of our Lord.

    This Woman goes through alot and neither does anyone cares, if at all her family was fed or not. Although she’s the most hardworking Woman I have ever come across. Yes she is! , but ain’t saying the rest are lazy. Nope!  But believe you me.She works at her best.

   This Woman give her just few euros or dollars and the first thing in her mind would be what she should get for her children. Give the Well up the same amount and well see might even suggest that’s nothing comparing to her needs.

  Whenever I think about that poor African Woman trying all ways possible to make the end meets. I just thank God for his grace and mercies that atleast I have a better life and able to cater for my kids without much struggle. The kind of hardships that Poor Woman goes through too, I believe if weighed onto our shoulders some of us would pass away. I will always live to celebrate this Woman it’s so unfortunate that the world of today seems to have forgotten about this type of a woman and all the glory and honour goes to those that has made it in life.

Ain’t saying they don’t deserve to be honoured, Ooh yes, they do but wouldn’t it be better to atleast show love, care to that unfortunate Woman whom struggles to feed her family? 

God bless that Woman and the work of her hands.

Thanks for taking your time to read.”Continuation of this will be soonest. This was just a hint 🙂 “



  1. Nina 🙂 True this woman deserves much more than she gets…if only we would learn to love others as we love ourselves, this world would be so much better. Good piece.. definitely following you for more 🙂


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