I believe I might not be the only one who tries to fight trust issues. Especially when let down by the person whom you trusted most, it’s always an awkward moment to trust back.

As much as I try, I think it takes alot of work for me to trust someone and regard her as a friend, simply a friend not a best friend, am done with” best friend ” title. Sometimes the so called best friends can be a pain in the ass, sounds weird but that’s how I see it or rather saw it.

But am so much Okey and doing good without the so called friends. I had lots of them but everyone seemed to be a liar,double face etc

There’s nothing crazy like having putting so much energy onto people who takes you for granted or rather whom just needed you when they wanted a favour, then boom! You come to realise they are even worse than the enemies you know.

With some of the friends I had turned to be double face, I just don’t trust anyone that easily,it will take time . Ain’t saying  that I don’t meet new and good friends, I do and they all seem to be good, but there will always be something that makes me not  pour all my heart to them. I don’t know if am the only one who feels this, but this was affected with the few friends I had and trusted most and turned to be something else.

Trusting is the hardest part of me. For me to trust I need to know you better and Ofcourse that will take time. I just don’t want to find myself with the circle of Frenemie’s.


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