How to tell if you’re a writer

Mallard Brothers

There’s an oft-used adage you’ll have heard, perhaps used yourself. It goes:

Everyone has a novel in them

It’s an interesting one isn’t it? I want to explore the idea that anyone can and should be a writer. Maybe you’ll be able to tell if you’re a writer by the end of this…

Everyone has a story to tell

It’s worth starting at the beginning. Where does an adage like this come from? Not etymologically so much as philosophically. Does it jar with the world you live in? It does mine. I ‘m a realist; when I look at the world I don’t see equality. I see inequality, biological and societal. So when someone says everyone has a novel in them to me, my natural inclination is to roll my eyes and think that’s a lovely idea, but most people can barely compose a text message.

Sounds cynical doesn’t it? It is, but…

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