A while along I have been thinking
about us women. How supportive we can be to each other and on the other hand, how humiliating we can be to  one another.

   Women are the worst enemies to themselves. It’s quiet sad that most women cannot keep their mouth shut. It’s devastating to know that a person you regard as a closest friend can talk ill and gossip around about her fellow friend.

What happened to protecting our fellow friend’s privacy? 

  Most women I have come across have  got  issues with their fellow friends and that makes me wonder,  Are there no good Women left in this world of today?

  Whenever a friend needs help or she is in trouble, learn to help out and keep it to yourself. Be supportive and stop roaming around preaching how helpful you have been to your fellow sister. Today she might need you and so you don’t know about the future, you might need her as well some days to come.

  Women should Empower each other not humiliating one another.

   It’s  wrong and hurting seeing women  fighting each other through gossips, verbal abuse and spreading rumours. For christ sake  be your sister’s keeper.

Humiliating each other just drag people behind and hinder great opportunities. Once you help a sister out you are building a better tomorrow.

Let women start embracing each other and knowing their worth. I believe that if most of us knew how much  worth it is to be a Woman in the society. The world would be a better place.

Do not rejoice when your fellow friend is going through hardships be supportive and help in any way you can. Be your sister’s keeper and keep off with gossips and spreading rumours.

   Embrace and support each other for a better tomorrow.



5 thoughts on “BE YOUR SISTER’S KEEPER

  1. This just recently happened to me as well. I confided in a really really close friend of mine, and a month later I found out that our whole group knows everything about it. I was shattered, and she didn’t even feel remorse on it. She actually joked about how it wasn’t a big deal. Since that day I haven’t talked to her :/ People can be such jerks.


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