It’s been a while i had stepped out from my blog,Not because i had nothing to write or talk about but busy running up and down with my lovely two kids.My daughter was on vacation for two months but finally ,the school reopened and i have quiet cooled down.                                                                                                                                      Parenting is one of the hardest task and the most enjoyable anyway,Although if one dont programme her routine quiet well .Ooh Dear! it can be stressing and annoying.Generally there was no time for me to blog nor read whatsoever.I was over booked by my kids which i would say was quiet okey,I trully enjoy being around my kids come rain come sunshine.                                                                                                                                       .        It’s been such a great time in my life to see my kids now they get along with each other although at Times it gets worse but we are learning how and ways to deal with the two of them .My daughter is already Four years old while my Son is one year and few months so the gap aint really that huge ,But there gets a time both of them annoy each other .     My daughter is quiet energetic although skeptical .She question’s everything that you say which gets annoying especially when its an important thing that she is needed to do .but i would say i have come up with my own ways to handle her.My Son on the other hand not so much from him .He’s really calm and easy to handle.                                                                                                                                                          Parenting journey has not been easy at all.But am glad that i have managed and really proud hence i dont get any help from anyone whatsover .Its just my husband and i.I have come to understand that with the way most people complains about all sorts of kids .I would dare say  kids are an outcome of their parental upbring.    In this world there’s nothing like stubborn kids,Its just the way you as a parent you handle your kid.From the word go i ,learnt that if i set certain rules with my kids definately they got to adhere to them ,there would be no any short cuts to that.But ! ,I always let my daughter understand why i set the rule or as to why she has to do exactly what i say without picking urgments .Its my duty as a parent to make her understand why she has to do as per our rules.   Although as we expect  her to behave and do as we want ,we always let her raise up her opinion and from there we pick up and gets to a dialogue till we come up with one mind.We dont do that just because we dont want her to decline whatever we expect of her ,but we felt that we should always involve her as a way of showing her that her opinion is much welcomed if it makes sense . People tend to ignore kids opinions or whatever they try to say which just make them feel unwanted .Am not saying that they should be involved in everything but i have learnt with myself that whenever i let my daughter raise her opinion i make her feel that we care about her thoughts .This way it has worked for us since she nolonger decline what we expect of her .                   .                                                                                                                                        Every once a week we get  into a small family meeting which she enjoys .If she is needed to change any sort of behaviour this is when i bring up the issue and she is always willing to change .Infact with this trick the numer of time out has reduced .She has learnt in this way how to apologise without us forcing her to do it .Earlier long it was a huge struggle for her to Apologise her bad behaviours .So far so good am quiet comfortable with our ten minutes family meeting.Yes! Ten we dont take long .   Also i came to realise that in the evening when kids sleep about twelve hours ,they wake up happy with no Morning tantrums.Oooh Yeah!.The most Morning tantrums are caused sometimes with lack of a good sleep although not always but can be a major one especially if the kid went to bed in bad moods .You like it or not there will be a high Chance of a morning tantrums and for me to avoid this ,we agreed with my husband that the kids by eight o’oclock they should be at their bed .This has worked wonders for me since my daughter dont even have problems to wake up during morning to go at the kindergarden.You just call her once and she is awake.Let the child go to bed early and in good moods and the next day you’l see how peaceful it will be prepairing them to school .it just make your work easier .                                                                                                                                                       The other thing parenting has taught me to watch my language.Taking the overwhelming pressure off their shoulders and just tell them we are going here and we’re doing that,while looking cheerly and confident along the way the chances are they will be happy as little calms.  Although i said about family meetings and letting my daughter raise her opinions am always careful with this because on the other hand i dont want to give her too much choice.Too much choices i came to learn that will make her feel overwhelmed and she will start to show that rising discomfort through the behaviour.No they cant sit with you and start discussing the problem in a rational way.You just need to know how to handle your kid and limit too much choices.


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