We are all looking for a greener pastures. So many people have left their families back, All in one mind to look for a better life, living their motherland be it how beautiful it might be, their families and starting a new life in a complete new place.

It’s never easy, one fights with homesick, adaptation, rejection and so forth but still wakes up to a new day and fights for survival all in the name of a better life. There’s no better place like home just like the saying goes, East West home is the best. If you’ve been a foreigner you know quiet well what am talking about and the different mixed feelings that arises from time to time, no matter how comfy your life could be still there will be always those feelings of :-What if I was home? Especially during certain occasions and holiday’s.

Personally I still get those feelings and when they catch up with me, They leave me with Sadness not because ain’t happy with my life but when the good memories with family start playing at the back of my mind. I miss every moment of it. Sometimes it just drives me nuts to get all the silly questions. Do you miss your family? Really! For real what answer could one respond. Most of times I really got no reply to such kind of questions. As much as one is settled wherever it might whether in States,Europe or any other place that’s not your place of birth. There are times it will be hard but, It’s all about letting go and moving on with the flow.

Most people tend to think it’s easy being away from your family but it’s the most hardest thing personally I have encountered for the last eight years and still fighting onto it day in day out. It’s all about picking up the pieces and getting along with your journey. Hoping for a better tomorrow.It’s never eat being in a foreign country.

East or West Home is best!!


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