Being in control of your life as many might not agree with me,it’s quiet a huge task that so many people around the world find themselves tied up to people or things that hold you on.

Which I believe it’s not something that one would boast about, Once you find yourself with people that take control of you. So let’s get down the line and see, how would one gain her control back as far as his or her life is concerned.

The very first thing to help you take back onto your path on taking control of your life.

Knowing who you are, This will absolutely direct you to that path of letting no one define you whatsoever.

Getting to know your circle :-Understanding the kind of friends you got. Are these friends the type that want to be involved in everything you do?  Well that’s upto you to figure out, but sweetheart if the circle of friends you got are demanding, controlling  and always trying to keep with jonesses then, it’s time you clear them out.There would be no way out you’ ll ever be in control of your life, if one still hang around those type of people.They will still hold you behind and making you feel that you can never make decisions on your own.

Dust off anything or anyone that makes you feel as though they control you. Come out of your comfort zone and start making up decisions on your own without anyone’s concept.It will be only this way out you’ll find yourself being in control of your damn precious life.

Evaluate the circle of your friends and how they impact your life. If by any chance they don’t bring any worth in your life, Step up, raise the rent and Act!! Let Go.

A worthy friend will never control your Way of doing your thing, dressing etc rather they will support you in anyway and correct you whenever you go a stray.

But definitely not trying to push you onto what they think it’s Good. They will let you take control in your decisions and your way of living.

Having a quality time with one’s self is the most precious gift you can give to yourself. This will help you  discover yourself. Being alone doesn’t mean that one is lonely, but it’s a good therapy for your mind, body and soul. It’s always the best moment to evaluate your innerself which afterwards helps you take total control of your life.

My Alone moments have always helped me be in control without any other person’s validation. This is the moment I get to be myself and discover my inner strength.This way it has led me to love my life more than before, I realised I make my decision’s with my right mind.

Being Alone but definitely not lonely will always be my best moments with myself and the most important thing I am always able to be in total control of my life.

So how do you take control of your life?  I would love to hear your response…


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