Weekend Quickie #143

Write a 200 word story.
Elements: An old man sitting on a bench. A sentiment from any song by Pink Floyd.

“Wish you were here “by Pink Floyd.

Jack could not fathom how her only beloved daughter just passed away unexpectedly, Life only seemed more like a dream to him,Her wife Suzanne had died when their daughter Clara was celebrating her tenth birthday. It was more of a blow that made him live in denial for quiet along period of time.

Each single day he wished that her wife was Alive,He wished she could appear to him someday, he missed her more than anything else.

Nothing seemed to work on his favour, his loss of the most important people in his life,their lives were cut short so suddenly, neither did he have a place to call a home.

Thoughts clicking back on his mind while trying to figure out where could he have gone wrong in his entire life?. There was only one thing that always bumped into his mind.
“I wish you were here,how I wish I could see you once more ”
“How I wish you could take me with you, how I wish I could turn back the clock,How I wish both of you were here,
Ofcourse you are here,I can feel both your presence “He whispered, Tears rolling down his cheeks.


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