What a year it has been folks!  Though can’t complain, I would say that things ran like they were supposed to. Am not the type to complain whatsoever, I believe that if anything happens be it Good or bad, Was meant to happen. I don’t have to complain rather I should be grateful to my God.

  This year has been a tremendous one, Seeing my kids grow from each of their stage was just Amazing and breathe taking. Nothing I adore in this world more than my kids. I have known to love through them. I just can’t get enough of giving thanks.Through them I have another reason that keeps me moving on.

Oooh boy!  Friends, friends let me say I have met great ones and others we ended the friendship, not because they weren’t good but we couldn’t match up. Still grateful because I learnt something out of it. I quiet believe that each and every person you meet, always has something to offer into your life be it love, joy, happiness or sorrow. Has to be, no matter what. There will always be a lesson learnt through the kind of people one interact with. Am quiet thrilled that I was able to understand the kind that should be cut out my life and who to move on with.

No man is an island but if the types of friends you have just causes heartaches. Call it off! Be grateful to yourself to that bravely. Not many people does it, just because they find themselves in the circle of  “disease to please ” and since I never failed in that category. Why not to be thankful?

Thankful to the year 2015 I have overcomed the “disease to please ” which is inextricably linked with “What will people think ” and “Ain’t Good enough ” for I have choosen Bravely then the disease to please needed a Cut. Thankful, Thankful, Thankful.
I might have dissapointed some people which is very Okey with me, because I believe that the people who cares for you will never be dissapointed, but those will get dissapointed are the people that had their own Agenda.Thankful since they saw a realistic reason to Cut out!  But the thing is that, it was out of my own good I definitely don’t need such a crap in my life.. So I would scream again and again am grateful for that!! Life has to move on, Looking forward to 2016 with new resolution and Ofcourse much more mature,  with no nonsense attitude and with no apologies of Who I am.

I’m Thankful for everything that I have achieved, be it  large or tiny. Am satisfied with what I have achieved in 2015. That means that’s how it was supposed to be. Whatever failed was just being shown that there was a different direction.
The Gift of Life.  Ooh boy!! Abundantly beautiful. It’s a blessing to see the sun rise as it sets too. How not to be thankful?  I just can’t get enough of giving gratitude for this precious life, for me and my Family.

It’s been more than a roller Coaster.. Thanks to the year 2015 was good meeting you and now that we have to wave a goodbye. It’s my high hopes and with such a deep believe that 2016 will be of a great achievements with God’s blessing’s.


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