Hurray!  Here we are 2016, how I had longed getting back to  my blog, it was quiet  hectic and long  long days over the Christmas holiday.Buying Xmas gifts, putting up our Xmas tree  and ooops!  I still have my tree wondering when I should get over with it, probably a week or so I keep telling myself.Haaa! Finally, the holiday is over and back to Grind.

Lemmie say I’ m jubilant to see that am all grounded towards the new year as i’m starting out new projects and trying to finalise what I dint get all done as the year ended. Although feeling fresh and with heap of space to walk through my Journey of Self discovery, Planning my new year resolutions, forgiving myself and giving gratitude, Living a creative life beyond fear and Daring Greatly with consistency. Those are just a few that I need to work on as the year gets going.

There wouldn’t be any regrets towards the past 2015, Although sometimes I hit the Rock, I just move on with the flow as I let the Mother Nature be in her full control.
Creative life is all am looking forward to. Probably it could be that I ended my year as I was winding up reading the ” BIG MAGIC ” By Liz Gilbert. I just can’t deny that the book has changed my way of thinking and how I was taking all about creativity, Being Curious and passion. I’ve always had those “Demons ” at the back of my mind that drag me from paying attention to the small thought’s that sometimes gets into my mind in Form of “Curiosity “,It could be because I was born and brought up with the saying, Curiosity killed the cat but thank Goodness that the Big Magic has changed my way of seeing about Curiosity, It has aroused my Curiosity in a tremendous way. In that way I would say I ended my year in such an exquisite way.

I’l create my free time to  more of Self Love, meditation, Praying and Giving gratitude and loving my family Abundantly.

Oooh Boy!  Did I forget to say that currently am on Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, Holy molly! I just can’t get enough of the book. I want to spend my full  time reading. It’s such a book that has great wisdom in it and Seeing how Thoughts, Desire and Faith works in handy, It’s creates a vivacious mode within and that defines how my New Year has started. Hoping i’l still get enough time to do my writing till then, i’l put a fullstop Now and dash to my Warm bed.



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