Today was  hell of a day, Feeling lost  trying to pick up myself but  in vain, as much as I try to relax the more I get overwhelmed.

  Meditation didn’t seen to work for me, Tried for a while and all my energy seemed to hit the Rock, Wait was I  being such a badass?  Was it  too hard to control my feelings, emotions and so on?  Hell No!  I bet there are time’s we just need to move with the flow.That doesn’t mean just because it’s the beginning of the year that nothing will work for you, Move on with the flow, let the feelings carry you, You feel lost?, well and good, let it be, Live in that moment. Time ain’t going to be stagnant, It’s moving in such a high speed, just keep moving  on, but don’t let your sanity be driven off and you loose the meaning of life. You Matter!  And everything you going through Matters too.

Don’t fiddle around  just stay grounded, Take your cup of coffee, Go for a walk and freshen up, listen to the bird sounds.As you keep your calm you will definitely find yourself reverting right back.

When am lost I don’t strain too hard to find myself back, the more I push hard the more I’m worn down felling like a shady fellow.
Stay positive, Love yourself , Forgive yourself and Don’t forget whatever the issue , You Matter!


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