Happy Month of Love!!

February is always a love month celebrated worldly. Love is a great thing, That brings people together. I mean how would the world be like, if there was no love? You know the feeling, Don’t you?

  This month am purposely loving myself harder, Am dedicating my love to my inner Self. This definitely will help me bring up the person I am and not the person, Someone else thinks I Am.

Walk the Walk and quit the talk, Enough of whining and killing yourself with the thoughts that you are not loved. Love starts with You!  Yes you!!. Treat yourself like a queen or a King. Whisper sweet words to yourself, bring back your love self to Life. Revive Your Love life with yourself back

. It’s now and then, you will attract love from other corners of your life and the people around you. Self Love is stupendous in its own way, I have my way of seeing it, like a sunflower that blooms and open widely as the sunrise, that’s exactly how I deal with self love day in day out.
Although there are days that will be overwhelming but that should not fade away your Self Love. Atleast one can always indulge in loud music, dance,work out or even meditate and that should help you to balance the mixed feelings that occurs from time to time. Remind yourself that you have a purpose, which is to Love yourself more no matter what you are going through.

  Attract Love, preach Love, practise Love and not only this Month we celebrate Valentine, Nope every single day, Each minute. Loving yourself  is the sweetest gift.

Learn to Love yourself Hard. Happy Valentines!!


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