Sometime now, I have been observing how people mistakenly think quiet in an awkward manner about the term “Village” or rather let’s say the People residing in Country side.

Heard quiet disgusting  talks of how Stupid is a village man. Ooh Lord!  That only wants me to clinge my hair. What’s awkward being born in a village or moving to any part of a country Side?  What makes a bunch of stupid,ignorant  people living in Town and in the  City think that, One to be open minded either could be born in a City or a Town.

I would call this Ignorance! Stupid people are everywhere be it in Countryside or Cities and so like the Open minded beings can be found anywhere too. This kind of thinking and name calling based on the place one was born or living is absurd!

The worrying part is that, the people talking ill about the  village man, They are just ignorant and  can’t even express themselves and outline their urguments well.These kind of people  are the same fellow who yell loudly  as if the people they are  talking too are  miles away.

Living by the Countryside has lots of advantages, Especially one lives in his  own compound without being intrigued by Nosy neighbour’s, I’m not saying that there aren’t Nosy people around the village but it’s worse in apartments or in a  Block or  whatever you call it. Atleast being in your own Compound is really liberating. One can walk around barefoot without minding what the neighbours could  be thinking of you, I mean I can wear around my gumboots whether sunny or rainy without giving a fuck what the next person has to say and walk around the compound majestically without the thoughts of being judged.

The village itself has huge  advantages that we can count in. The fresh Air!  Ooh dear!  How could I not forget the fresh environment . Not the shifty messed up Air we breathe around the  Town and Cities!. Rushing at the back of my house where I can get a vegetable garden, As I pick fresh veges, fruits name them all without the consent of thinking if they were chemically blown onto,  to quicken their harvesting season.

I don’t need to keep up with jonesses at the village like most people do in Town and Cities. I need to have that pair of New balance to keep up with my friends as we hit at the gym. In the village, We don’t give a fuck if it’s a New balance brand or A Nike.  I mean we got important issue to deal with, We are fucking free in the village and we love our lifestyle. I’m not saying In the Village people are not fashionable, Yes we can be but we don’t really get excited about trends like a 16 year old teenage whom had just been flirting with her best friends, friend.You get the whole lot of where am going to?  I bet you do!. I am not saying that we don’t get along with trends, Yes we do, it’s just that we don’t really get pressured that much. Trends or no trends we get along with our precious life.
A countryside Man works hard just like the Man in the town. Doesn’t make any of them more superior than the other,If you think living in  a Countryside is awful. Just make a trip and observe the calmness and peace that is within the place.

It’s my prayer that God will grant Me a home within a countryside that matches with my spirit.


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