Life the precious Gift.

Woked up this morning feeling quiet sad and quiet a number of things brainstorming in my head.Although i couldn’t really figure why i was sad. I started questioning myself like usual. At times i do have an imaginary friend whom i talk to, that’s my way of trying to ask myself some few questions and answer myself back or rather i do a research on them.

So what was bothering me?  Obvious to many would sound quiet stupid but in a while i have been

questioning myself with the following.

1.What’s my purpose of life? I couldn’t really get the answer so  i decided to make myself a breakfast calmed down took a novel and started reading, dint have the moods neither so dropped the book rushed to bathroom, I stood infront of the mirror looked myself and the imaginary friend started hitting in my head.Straight away some answer kicked out and my conclusion was my purpose was the Life i have today, forget about tomorrow, dreams or whatever you are thinking that brought you in this world.

If ain’t living the life am living now definitely there’s no tomorrow.

If I don’t accept or appreciate my life today again it will be  too hard  to accept the life am to be granted tomorrow.

Value the Life you got now and with so doing you’ll achieve anything or rather your goals to be precise.

Pray for that gift of life you have now. Yes. I talk of praying  i ain’t that religious but I do have some time to pray for my Life,  Family and the kind of life i want.Being thankful for the life i have now And I mean “Today”.

Work. It’s annoying how people complain about life and yet you ain’t working on the kind of life you want to have. I mean waking up and working your ass off not sitting down and waiting for “manna”to fall. Stop complaining. Put yourself into actions. Work for it, pray and the rest leave it up to God.Great things will only happen to the hardworking not lazy bones. Everyone is entitled to eat from the sweat of his or her labour not from your “brothers “.

Value life. Yes that’s your purpose to value it no one else can do that for you apart from yourself and if you can’t value the life you have today I doubt how you’l value that kind of life you are wishing for!

Life is a precious gift let’s live it to the fullest with no Regrets.Be Thankful,Work, Pray and Value Life.



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