Sometime now, I have been observing how people mistakenly think quiet in an awkward manner about the term “Village” or rather let’s say the People residing in Country side.

Heard quiet disgusting  talks of how Stupid is a village man. Ooh Lord!  That only wants me to clinge my hair. What’s awkward being born in a village or moving to any part of a country Side?  What makes a bunch of stupid,ignorant  people living in Town and in the  City think that, One to be open minded either could be born in a City or a Town.

I would call this Ignorance! Stupid people are everywhere be it in Countryside or Cities and so like the Open minded beings can be found anywhere too. This kind of thinking and name calling based on the place one was born or living is absurd!

The worrying part is that, the people talking ill about the  village man, They are just ignorant and  can’t even express themselves and outline their urguments well.These kind of people  are the same fellow who yell loudly  as if the people they are  talking too are  miles away.

Living by the Countryside has lots of advantages, Especially one lives in his  own compound without being intrigued by Nosy neighbour’s, I’m not saying that there aren’t Nosy people around the village but it’s worse in apartments or in a  Block or  whatever you call it. Atleast being in your own Compound is really liberating. One can walk around barefoot without minding what the neighbours could  be thinking of you, I mean I can wear around my gumboots whether sunny or rainy without giving a fuck what the next person has to say and walk around the compound majestically without the thoughts of being judged.

The village itself has huge  advantages that we can count in. The fresh Air!  Ooh dear!  How could I not forget the fresh environment . Not the shifty messed up Air we breathe around the  Town and Cities!. Rushing at the back of my house where I can get a vegetable garden, As I pick fresh veges, fruits name them all without the consent of thinking if they were chemically blown onto,  to quicken their harvesting season.

I don’t need to keep up with jonesses at the village like most people do in Town and Cities. I need to have that pair of New balance to keep up with my friends as we hit at the gym. In the village, We don’t give a fuck if it’s a New balance brand or A Nike.  I mean we got important issue to deal with, We are fucking free in the village and we love our lifestyle. I’m not saying In the Village people are not fashionable, Yes we can be but we don’t really get excited about trends like a 16 year old teenage whom had just been flirting with her best friends, friend.You get the whole lot of where am going to?  I bet you do!. I am not saying that we don’t get along with trends, Yes we do, it’s just that we don’t really get pressured that much. Trends or no trends we get along with our precious life.
A countryside Man works hard just like the Man in the town. Doesn’t make any of them more superior than the other,If you think living in  a Countryside is awful. Just make a trip and observe the calmness and peace that is within the place.

It’s my prayer that God will grant Me a home within a countryside that matches with my spirit.



Happy Month of Love!!

February is always a love month celebrated worldly. Love is a great thing, That brings people together. I mean how would the world be like, if there was no love? You know the feeling, Don’t you?

  This month am purposely loving myself harder, Am dedicating my love to my inner Self. This definitely will help me bring up the person I am and not the person, Someone else thinks I Am.

Walk the Walk and quit the talk, Enough of whining and killing yourself with the thoughts that you are not loved. Love starts with You!  Yes you!!. Treat yourself like a queen or a King. Whisper sweet words to yourself, bring back your love self to Life. Revive Your Love life with yourself back

. It’s now and then, you will attract love from other corners of your life and the people around you. Self Love is stupendous in its own way, I have my way of seeing it, like a sunflower that blooms and open widely as the sunrise, that’s exactly how I deal with self love day in day out.
Although there are days that will be overwhelming but that should not fade away your Self Love. Atleast one can always indulge in loud music, dance,work out or even meditate and that should help you to balance the mixed feelings that occurs from time to time. Remind yourself that you have a purpose, which is to Love yourself more no matter what you are going through.

  Attract Love, preach Love, practise Love and not only this Month we celebrate Valentine, Nope every single day, Each minute. Loving yourself  is the sweetest gift.

Learn to Love yourself Hard. Happy Valentines!!


Today was  hell of a day, Feeling lost  trying to pick up myself but  in vain, as much as I try to relax the more I get overwhelmed.

  Meditation didn’t seen to work for me, Tried for a while and all my energy seemed to hit the Rock, Wait was I  being such a badass?  Was it  too hard to control my feelings, emotions and so on?  Hell No!  I bet there are time’s we just need to move with the flow.That doesn’t mean just because it’s the beginning of the year that nothing will work for you, Move on with the flow, let the feelings carry you, You feel lost?, well and good, let it be, Live in that moment. Time ain’t going to be stagnant, It’s moving in such a high speed, just keep moving  on, but don’t let your sanity be driven off and you loose the meaning of life. You Matter!  And everything you going through Matters too.

Don’t fiddle around  just stay grounded, Take your cup of coffee, Go for a walk and freshen up, listen to the bird sounds.As you keep your calm you will definitely find yourself reverting right back.

When am lost I don’t strain too hard to find myself back, the more I push hard the more I’m worn down felling like a shady fellow.
Stay positive, Love yourself , Forgive yourself and Don’t forget whatever the issue , You Matter!


Hurray!  Here we are 2016, how I had longed getting back to  my blog, it was quiet  hectic and long  long days over the Christmas holiday.Buying Xmas gifts, putting up our Xmas tree  and ooops!  I still have my tree wondering when I should get over with it, probably a week or so I keep telling myself.Haaa! Finally, the holiday is over and back to Grind.

Lemmie say I’ m jubilant to see that am all grounded towards the new year as i’m starting out new projects and trying to finalise what I dint get all done as the year ended. Although feeling fresh and with heap of space to walk through my Journey of Self discovery, Planning my new year resolutions, forgiving myself and giving gratitude, Living a creative life beyond fear and Daring Greatly with consistency. Those are just a few that I need to work on as the year gets going.

There wouldn’t be any regrets towards the past 2015, Although sometimes I hit the Rock, I just move on with the flow as I let the Mother Nature be in her full control.
Creative life is all am looking forward to. Probably it could be that I ended my year as I was winding up reading the ” BIG MAGIC ” By Liz Gilbert. I just can’t deny that the book has changed my way of thinking and how I was taking all about creativity, Being Curious and passion. I’ve always had those “Demons ” at the back of my mind that drag me from paying attention to the small thought’s that sometimes gets into my mind in Form of “Curiosity “,It could be because I was born and brought up with the saying, Curiosity killed the cat but thank Goodness that the Big Magic has changed my way of seeing about Curiosity, It has aroused my Curiosity in a tremendous way. In that way I would say I ended my year in such an exquisite way.

I’l create my free time to  more of Self Love, meditation, Praying and Giving gratitude and loving my family Abundantly.

Oooh Boy!  Did I forget to say that currently am on Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, Holy molly! I just can’t get enough of the book. I want to spend my full  time reading. It’s such a book that has great wisdom in it and Seeing how Thoughts, Desire and Faith works in handy, It’s creates a vivacious mode within and that defines how my New Year has started. Hoping i’l still get enough time to do my writing till then, i’l put a fullstop Now and dash to my Warm bed.



What a year it has been folks!  Though can’t complain, I would say that things ran like they were supposed to. Am not the type to complain whatsoever, I believe that if anything happens be it Good or bad, Was meant to happen. I don’t have to complain rather I should be grateful to my God.

  This year has been a tremendous one, Seeing my kids grow from each of their stage was just Amazing and breathe taking. Nothing I adore in this world more than my kids. I have known to love through them. I just can’t get enough of giving thanks.Through them I have another reason that keeps me moving on.

Oooh boy!  Friends, friends let me say I have met great ones and others we ended the friendship, not because they weren’t good but we couldn’t match up. Still grateful because I learnt something out of it. I quiet believe that each and every person you meet, always has something to offer into your life be it love, joy, happiness or sorrow. Has to be, no matter what. There will always be a lesson learnt through the kind of people one interact with. Am quiet thrilled that I was able to understand the kind that should be cut out my life and who to move on with.

No man is an island but if the types of friends you have just causes heartaches. Call it off! Be grateful to yourself to that bravely. Not many people does it, just because they find themselves in the circle of  “disease to please ” and since I never failed in that category. Why not to be thankful?

Thankful to the year 2015 I have overcomed the “disease to please ” which is inextricably linked with “What will people think ” and “Ain’t Good enough ” for I have choosen Bravely then the disease to please needed a Cut. Thankful, Thankful, Thankful.
I might have dissapointed some people which is very Okey with me, because I believe that the people who cares for you will never be dissapointed, but those will get dissapointed are the people that had their own Agenda.Thankful since they saw a realistic reason to Cut out!  But the thing is that, it was out of my own good I definitely don’t need such a crap in my life.. So I would scream again and again am grateful for that!! Life has to move on, Looking forward to 2016 with new resolution and Ofcourse much more mature,  with no nonsense attitude and with no apologies of Who I am.

I’m Thankful for everything that I have achieved, be it  large or tiny. Am satisfied with what I have achieved in 2015. That means that’s how it was supposed to be. Whatever failed was just being shown that there was a different direction.
The Gift of Life.  Ooh boy!! Abundantly beautiful. It’s a blessing to see the sun rise as it sets too. How not to be thankful?  I just can’t get enough of giving gratitude for this precious life, for me and my Family.

It’s been more than a roller Coaster.. Thanks to the year 2015 was good meeting you and now that we have to wave a goodbye. It’s my high hopes and with such a deep believe that 2016 will be of a great achievements with God’s blessing’s.

Weekend Quickie #143

Write a 200 word story.
Elements: An old man sitting on a bench. A sentiment from any song by Pink Floyd.

“Wish you were here “by Pink Floyd.

Jack could not fathom how her only beloved daughter just passed away unexpectedly, Life only seemed more like a dream to him,Her wife Suzanne had died when their daughter Clara was celebrating her tenth birthday. It was more of a blow that made him live in denial for quiet along period of time.

Each single day he wished that her wife was Alive,He wished she could appear to him someday, he missed her more than anything else.

Nothing seemed to work on his favour, his loss of the most important people in his life,their lives were cut short so suddenly, neither did he have a place to call a home.

Thoughts clicking back on his mind while trying to figure out where could he have gone wrong in his entire life?. There was only one thing that always bumped into his mind.
“I wish you were here,how I wish I could see you once more ”
“How I wish you could take me with you, how I wish I could turn back the clock,How I wish both of you were here,
Ofcourse you are here,I can feel both your presence “He whispered, Tears rolling down his cheeks.


Being in control of your life as many might not agree with me,it’s quiet a huge task that so many people around the world find themselves tied up to people or things that hold you on.

Which I believe it’s not something that one would boast about, Once you find yourself with people that take control of you. So let’s get down the line and see, how would one gain her control back as far as his or her life is concerned.

The very first thing to help you take back onto your path on taking control of your life.

Knowing who you are, This will absolutely direct you to that path of letting no one define you whatsoever.

Getting to know your circle :-Understanding the kind of friends you got. Are these friends the type that want to be involved in everything you do?  Well that’s upto you to figure out, but sweetheart if the circle of friends you got are demanding, controlling  and always trying to keep with jonesses then, it’s time you clear them out.There would be no way out you’ ll ever be in control of your life, if one still hang around those type of people.They will still hold you behind and making you feel that you can never make decisions on your own.

Dust off anything or anyone that makes you feel as though they control you. Come out of your comfort zone and start making up decisions on your own without anyone’s concept.It will be only this way out you’ll find yourself being in control of your damn precious life.

Evaluate the circle of your friends and how they impact your life. If by any chance they don’t bring any worth in your life, Step up, raise the rent and Act!! Let Go.

A worthy friend will never control your Way of doing your thing, dressing etc rather they will support you in anyway and correct you whenever you go a stray.

But definitely not trying to push you onto what they think it’s Good. They will let you take control in your decisions and your way of living.

Having a quality time with one’s self is the most precious gift you can give to yourself. This will help you  discover yourself. Being alone doesn’t mean that one is lonely, but it’s a good therapy for your mind, body and soul. It’s always the best moment to evaluate your innerself which afterwards helps you take total control of your life.

My Alone moments have always helped me be in control without any other person’s validation. This is the moment I get to be myself and discover my inner strength.This way it has led me to love my life more than before, I realised I make my decision’s with my right mind.

Being Alone but definitely not lonely will always be my best moments with myself and the most important thing I am always able to be in total control of my life.

So how do you take control of your life?  I would love to hear your response…